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20 Clever Gifts for Your Boss Under $25

You'll feel like the office pet with these affordable gifts for your boss under $25.

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The desk accessory they actually need

Upgrade their old sticky note pad immediately to this Printfresh Memo Block notepad and expect one very happy boss. It's a modern way for the one in charge to get all those important details jotted down in style.

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Work perks

Say thanks for all the great work perks with one of the zestiest eye-opening gifts for your boss—a can of Brooklyn Roasting Company Iris Espresso Coffee. It's just what the team needs to power through meetings, and just the right level of sophistication and affordability for your boss to really be grateful.

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Help your boss hack their pack

You don't have to spend big money on the best carry on bags gifts to celebrate Boss Day, because this genius-level eBags Double-Sided Packing Cube is the small best-kept packing secret every business traveler needs. It's the easy way to keep business travel organized and lightweight, with a side for dirty clothes and a side for clean.

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Cheers to a great office environment

If a frothy beer isn't HR-approved, don't worry—this EcoVessel Double Barrel Insulated Stainless Steel Mug is double-walled so it's great for coffee, tea, or any hot or cold drink in between. Plus, it looks pretty cool on anyone's desk.

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Toasty toes

If your office thermostat is constantly hovering somewhere between Siberia and Iceland, the boss will appreciate a cozy pair of Manta Stripe Baby Alpaca Socks straight from Peru. They're the comfortable hand-crafted gift option that will warm the boss's heart and feet.

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A witty, personalized notepad

The next time you have a mandatory meeting, you'll want to show up with a neatly wrapped notebook with the company logo, his or her favorite photo, or a favorite shot from the company picnic. It's one of our favorite personalized gifts on a budget.

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What a crisp idea

You'll wonder why you never thought of magnetic collar stays because Wurkin Stiffs makes them, and they're absolutely brilliant for any guy with a wardrobe full of collared shirts and not enough time to keep track of those little stays. A set of two hard-to-lose stays is less than the price of his favorite lunch special and will be in daily rotation.

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New headphones

A new set of headphones is simply one of the best tech gifts out there, and these Panasonic ErgoFit Earbud Headphones are the easy-to-use accessory every long-winded work call needs.

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A fun way to flavor sometimes-boring water

If the office water cooler is a little tired, give your favorite team leader a new Pressa Bottle Fruit Squeezing Infuser when Boss Day comes around. They can easily infuse their favorite healthy fruit, herb, and other flavorings with the press of a finger, and feel good about being healthy in the process. Management always appreciates a clever employee, especially when he or she gives a smart water bottle as a gift.

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For the coolest, most refreshing boss

Add a few packs of Spry Natural Xylitol Mints to your list of affordable gifts for your boss, because they're the zippiest way to kindly show gratitude for how cool your job is. Did we mention xylitol promotes oral health? If you're into having a great smile, check out these home teeth whitening products real dentists recommend.

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