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16 Halloween Costumes You Can Get on Amazon for $25 or Less

You don't need to spend a fortune to look fab this Halloween. These costumes are easy on your wallet and fun to put together for the whole fam!

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amazon banana costumevia

Lifesize banana costume

Trick or treaters will be yellow with envy when they catch a glimpse of you in this super-sized banana costume. The lightweight design makes it a breeze for walking through the neighborhood. This unisex costume goes well with tights for the ladies or a smart pair of slacks for the guys.

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amazon queen bee costumevia

Queen bee

Take the sting out of Halloween costume shopping with this easy option that clocks in at less than 15 bucks. If you want to jazz it up, add a handful of flowers or a fresh pot of honey. The headdress makes preparation for Halloween night a cinch by reducing the time it takes you to get ready. You'll want to master these easy Halloween makeup ideas before the big night.

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t rex cowboy costumevia

T-Rex cowboy

Who needs a horse when you can ride a T-Rex? For less than $25, score this inflatable costume that comes to life in minutes with four AA batteries. The polyester costume fits all adults and can be wiped clean of any trick or treat candy messes easily. Pair it with cowboy boots in your closet or a traditional cowboy hat to really make this getup pop!

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amazon sumo wrestlervia

Giant Sumo wrestler

You don't need a big lunch to look like a sumo wrestler. This versatile costume does the trick by pumping air into the toy-like body. Be ready to give other Halloween partygoers something to laugh about as you clumsily move through the crowd in this battery-powered costume that you can snag for less than $20.

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scary headbandsvia

Horrifying headbands

If spooking your friends is just as important to you as saving a wad of cash, then this is the costume for you. For $12, you get four different horrifying headbands that are sure to bring your friends nightmares for days to come. Snag a pack and decide if you are going to let a knife, glass bottle, sharp pair of scissors, or ax "pierce" through your skull. Let these 30 Halloween movies that will scare you senseless inspire your look.

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double pumpkin troublevia

Double pumpkin trouble

The apple, err, pumpkin doesn't fall far from the tree with this Halloween duo. For less than 13 bucks you and your little one can dress up in fall's official crop. A themed hat and trick-or-treat bag is also included in the set.

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superhero gangvia

Superhero gang

If you have more than one kid in the house and don't want to spend too much moola this Halloween, consider this costume quintet. For less than $20 you can dress up to five mini superheroes in adorable masks and capes they won't want to take off. Warm sweats or a comfy outfit can be worn underneath the capes to make trick or treating in the crips fall air bearable. Or choose from one of these clever Halloween costumes for families.

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puppy ewok costumevia

Puppy Ewok

Who said humans get to have all the fun? This officially licensed Star Wars costume is perfectly sized for your best furry friend. Chose from small to x-large and watch in amazement as your puppy pal calls all the attention on Halloween night. Forget the hassle of other pet costumes, this step-in design makes it easy to get it on and off your pet. These are more of the most adorable Halloween costumes for dogs.

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snake head maskvia

Snake head

Creepy enough for a child or adult, this latex snake can be rotated year after year in your family. Pair this reptilian mask with your favorite black or neutral-colored outfit that is already in your closet. The versatility of the prop gives you no reason to spend too much this Halloween, or the next, or the next.

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pretty princess amazon costumevia

Pretty princess

You don't need to spend big bucks to make your toddler feel like royalty. These princess costumes will set you back less than $18 and will give you years of memories. Let your little girl have her pick between all five styles, reminiscent of her favorite onscreen star.

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