Angel Halloween Costume

Whatever your child’s temperament, this Halloween, he or she is guaranteed to be a snow-white angel, replete with wings and a halo!


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You Will Need

What to Do
1. Draw a pattern for an angel’s wing, based on the shape below, around 10 inches tall and 8 inches wide. Cut your pattern out and use to cut two wings out of the foam sheet.

2. Along the straight edge of the wings, cut two holes at the top and the bottom. These will be used to attach the wings to the sleeper.

3. Next, decorate the wings. Use a hot glue gun to attached the feather boa onto the edge of the wings. Glue extra feathers to the wingtips. Attach the wings to the center back of the sleeper garment using string, white shoelaces, or other soft materials.

4. To make the halo, form one pipe cleaner into a 4-inch circle. Glue a strip of boa around its edge. Attach the other pipe cleaner to the halo and make a 2-inch circle at its bottom, which you can sew, glue, or tie to the hat.

Originally Published on Readers Digest