Bluebird Halloween Costume

Tweet tweet! Here’s a sweet costume for nature lovers. If you love bluebirds, try this handmade costume on for size.


What You’ll Need

  • 1 royal-blue sleeper
  • 1 royal-blue hat
  • 1 piece (12 x 18 inches) stiff royal-blue felt
  • 1 piece (9 x 12 inches) orange felt
  • 3 hook and loop stick-on buttons
  • Scraps of yellow, black, and white stick-on felt
  • 1 bib to use as pattern
Bluebird Halloween Costume

What to Do

1.Cut out two 9-inch wings from the blue stiff felt, improvising the shape but being sure to add feather-like tips at the end, as shown. Stitch or glue wings to back of sleeper along shoulder seams.

2.Use the bib as a pattern for cutting out orange felt bird breast. Attach breast to sleeper with stick-on buttons at shoulder and waist.

3.Cut two triangular beak pieces out of yellow felt and attach them to the bottom and the top side of the bill of hat. Cut out two white ovals and two smaller black circles from stick-on felt to make eyes. Attach to hat as shown.

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