Bouquet of Flowers Halloween Costume

Turn your tiny trick-or-treater into a bouquet of flowers and no one will be able to resist her or him.

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You Will Need

What to Do

1. Remove as much plastic from flowers and leaf stems as possible to make them lie flatter. Attach flowers to headband with stitching or hot glue until headband is covered (see photograph at bottom right). Glue yellow felt circles to center of flowers, if you think they need them.

2. Cut 18 inches of yarn and place it on the front of the shirt in a flower-stem pattern (see top photograph). Sew or glue it in place. Use the remaining yarn to continue the pattern down one pant leg, matching the overlap (see center photograph). Sew or glue in place.

3.Attach leaves along the stem.

Originally Published on Readers Digest