Dalmatian Halloween Costume

Everybody loves Dalmatians, and everybody loves to play the puppy now and then. This costume will keep your youngster in a tail-wagging mood.

You Will Need

  • 1white hooded sweatshirt
  • 1pair white sweatpants
  • 2pieces (9 x 12 inches each) black stick-on felt
  • 1black pipe cleaner
  • 1square (12 inches) black felt
  • 1square (12 inches) pink felt
  • 1red dog collar or red ribbon to fit youngster’s neck

What to Do

1.Make spots out of stick-on black felt. Keep the circles fairly small (you don’t want the youngster to be mistaken for a cow). Trace dimes, nickels, and quarters, for example. Peel off the backing and stick spots randomly on shirt and pants.

2.To make the tail, cut a 21⁄2 x 12-inch piece of stick-on felt. Cut off the corners at one end, so the tail will end in a point. Roll the pipe cleaner in the felt and curve the tail slightly. Sew or staple tail to back of pants (photograph).

3.Following photograph at bottom left, cut out two inner ears from pink felt and two outer ears from black felt. Glue inner ear to outer and attach ears 1 inch up from edge of hood and several inches from center of hood.

4.Put on red collar (or red ribbon) and paint youngster’s nose black with nontoxic face paint, if desired.

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