Devil Halloween Costume

No one will be too afraid of this cunning devil. You may already have enough red and black felt scraps to make the costume. You can substitute scraps of felt for the fiberfill.

You Will Need

  • 1 red shirt
  • 1 pair red pants
  • 1 red hat with ties
  • 1 piece (9 x 12 inches) black stick-on felt
  • 1 piece (21⁄2 x 18 inches) red felt
  • 1 square (12 inches) black felt
  • Fiberfill
    Devil Halloween Costume

What to Do

1. Draw a pattern for a 6- to 8-inch-tall pitchfork on a piece of paper. Cut it out and trace on the back of the black stick-on felt. Cut out, peel, and stick on shirt.

2. Draw a pattern for a roughly 4-inch horn on a piece of paper and trace four of them onto the square of black felt. Cut the horns out, and sew or staple two together along the edge. Turn inside out and stuff with fiberfill. Do the same with the other two pieces, so you have two horns when complete. Attach to hat by sewing or stapling (if the latter, make sure staples don’t protrude through to the hat’s interior!).

3. To make tail, fold 21⁄2 x 18-inch piece of red felt lengthwise and sew, glue, or staple along long edge. Turn inside out. Cut two triangular end pieces for the tail out of black felt and glue them together over the end of the tail. Attach tail to waist of pants.

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