Firefighter Halloween Costume

Firefighters are universal heroes, so many youngsters—boys and girls—are likely to choose this costume. You can buy a firefighter’s hat at a party store.

You Will Need

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What to Do

1. Fold tablecloth in half. On the left side, 10 inches down from the fold, cut in 17 inches, then straight down to bottom. (You will be removing two 17-inch square pieces of the plastic, which you can discard.) Repeat on right side. Staple cut edges together to create sleeves and side seams. Clip underarm corner. Invert the sleeves, turning the garment inside out. Fold seams inside garment to one side and tape flat with electrical tape.

2. Laying garment flat, mark the center of the folded top and cut a shallow neck that measures 31⁄2 inches to either side of the center mark. Starting at the center of the front, cut down the middle for a front opening. Fold in 1⁄2 inch of neck back and tape it down with electrical tape. Fold in 1 inch on each side of front opening and tape it in place with electrical tape. Tape around neck opening inside and outside. You can see these finishing touches in the photograph at right.

3. Fold up a 2-inch hem at the bottom and tape it inside with electrical tape. Fold up sleeve hems to fit child and tape in place.

4. Using yellow tape, make stripes as shown on costume photograph: two on each sleeve, two on coat, one on each leg.

5. Make five tabs for buttons out of 31⁄2-inch pieces of electrical tape. Fasten each piece on the left side of coat opening with a 11⁄2-inch extension. Place a 2-inch piece of reflective tape on the outside of each tab. Place hook-and-loop buttons under each tab and on opposite side of coat front.

Originally Published on Readers Digest