Ice-Cream Cone Halloween Costume

She will be pretty enough to eat in this ice-cream cone costume, a scoop of vanilla covered with sprinkles and topped with a red cherry.

You Will Need

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What to Do

1. To decorate the costume top, glue pompoms onto white turtleneck in a random pattern. These are the sprinkles or toppings on the ice cream.

2. To make the “cherry on top” hat, make a small circle at one end of the green pipe cleaner. Glue circle to bottom of red bowl; the pipe cleaner becomes the cherry’s stem. Cut the black elastic in two. Tape an end of the first piece to the inside edge of the bowl. Tape an end of the other piece to the opposite inside edge of the bowl. (Tie the pieces under the chin to keep the hat on.)

3. Create the cone by cutting two cone-shaped pieces out of the shelf liner, as shown in the photograph at right. Mark these pieces with an orange marker in the diamond pattern seen on ice-cream cones. Then glue the tops of these pieces to the embroidery hoop. The top center of one of these pieces should be marked as “center back.” To make the top of the cone, cut a piece of the liner long enough to circle the hoop. Fold it in two and glue the raw edges to the hoop.

4. About 16 inches around the hoop from “center back,” make a small horizontal slit in the liner material just below the hoop on either side. Thread the white elastic through this slit on one side and sew its end fast right above the hoop. This elastic goes under the white shirt and behind the wearer’s neck and back down to the other slit. Thread the elastic through the slit and secure it with a safety pin above the hoop at the proper length for the youngster.

Originally Published on Readers Digest