How to Protect Yourself From Sidejacking

The scene: You’re at a coffee shop, logging into Facebook or shopping on your laptop. Across the room, someone else is typing away on his computer. The innocent looking cybersurfer could be logging into your Facebook account or hacking into your shopping session. How? It’s called sidejacking and it just got easier.

According to this piece in the East Valley Tribune, the risk of being sidejacked increased this past week when a developer in San Diego released a free plug-in for the Firefox web browser that can grab a user’s cookies from an unsecured network. The person 30-100 feet away can grab the cookies and log in to Amazon, Flickr, Foursquare, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter,, Windows Live, WordPress and more.

Here are author Ken Colburn’s 5 tips to protect yourself:
1. Don’t ever login to any of your e-mail, shopping or social networking accounts through a web browser on a public network.

2. If you are using a smart phone download the associated social media apps instead of going to or on a web browser.

3. Install a free Firefox add-on called Force TLS or if you use Google’s Chrome, install KB SSL Enforcer both of which automatically redirect you to secured pages for the sites that you choose.

4. If you have a cellular broadband data card or stick, use it instead of the public Wi-Fi hotpot.

5. If your laptop is part of a corporate network, it may already have VPN (Virtual Private Networking) software installed, which will also protect you.

For more info and tips, read the full article: How to avoid sidejacking hijackers

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