How to Stop Facebook Over-Sharing

You do it mindlessly. Check in here, tag your friend in a post there, read this, click on that. What you may not realize is that everything you see, say and share on social media mecca Facebook creates a paperless trail that tracks your interests and behaviors. The result: Over-sharing without your knowledge.

To make users more aware of their habits, the Huffington Post explains how to navigate tricky Facebook traps. One tip:Beware of apps. Socialcam is one of the many that use sleazy headlines to get you to click on their content. Once you indulge your curiosity about that celebrity sideboob, the video is automatically posted to your profile for all to see—your employer included.

Another good point is to be mindful of check-ins. Did you enjoy happy-hour drinks every night this week? Great. Do you want your boss to know about it? Not really.

Of course, you could always stop social networking altogether. But where’s the fun in that?

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