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Not until I was pacing hospital corridors with my wailing newborn daughter in my arms did I realize that I didn’t know any lullabies. All of that preparation I did for her birth, and I forgot to learn songs? How was this possible? Singing was obviously critical to parenting a newborn. That night, my daughter endured endless choruses of “Aulde Lang Syne” and “Country Roads.” As soon as we were home, I began researching lullaby lyrics—and the lyrics to favorite songs that might help soothe a distressed baby. Here are a few of the sites I found most helpful: is terrific for learning the classics. Here, parents can find lyrics (including all the verses!) for “Brahms’s Lullaby (Lullaby and Goodnight)”, “All the Pretty Horses,” “Rock-a-bye Baby,” “Amazing Grace,” “All Through the Night,” “Hush Little Baby,” “Golden Slumbers,” and many others.
This site offers more than 160 lullabies—and it will even play them for you so you can learn the tune. It also has a wealth of other children’s song lyrics organized by subject: Christmas, animals, silly, inspirational, food, traditional, world, and many others.
Name a song, any song. Chances are, the lyrics are on The site has thousands of lyrics to songs in every genre, organized by artist name. A quick search found me words to songs by the Beatles, the Carpenters, OutKast, Randy Travis, The Rolling Stones, and Tanya Tucker. But these are just the tiniest taste of this vast lyrics library.

Lullaby Link
I liked this site particularly because I could listen to a woman sing the lullabies simply by clicking on them. It divides lullabies into categories: top 10, traditional, Irish, Angel, Christian, new, and Welsh lullabies, among others. The site has several other resources for new parents, including activities for babies, instructions for baby massage, and stories on the effect of music on the brain.

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