23 Cheap Halloween Costumes for Kids Basically Anyone Can DIY

Create a costume your child won't ever forget (and stay within your budget!).

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Courtesy Delia Creates

You don't have to spend a bundle on Halloween to enjoy all the fun when you can make cheap halloween decorations and costumes like these. There's no sewing required for this cute fruit costume. All you need is 1 to 1½ yards of felt, a ruler, and scissors. Want to make sure you kid eats as healthy as this costume looks? These are the 14 things nutritionists do on Halloween that you don't.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Lotus Blossom Photography/Courtesy The Scrap Shoppe Blog

Buy green sweats for your little crime fighter (or white ones and dye them green). Cut out yellow felt for the chest and colored bandanas for elbow and knee pads. (These are the 9 best Halloween books for kids.) For the shell, spray paint a roasting pan brown. Cut slits on the sides and run a ribbon through it for a belt.

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Pippi Longstocking

Courtesy Positively Splendid

The Pippi Longstocking costume is a perfect DIY costume for girls with long hair. Start with a striped top, denim skirt, and of course, tall striped socks. Twist two to four pipe cleaners together (the thicker the hair, the more pipe cleaners you'll need) and make braids around the pipe cleaners to make them stick out. Don't forget Pippi's freckles! These are our 14 favorite Halloween makeup ideas.

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Olaf from Frozen

Courtesy Desert Chica

Do you wanna build a snowman? Well, now you can turn your kid into one. Glue felt cut-outs onto a white hooded sweatshirt for the buttons, eyes, and eyebrows. Add a few brown pipe cleaners to the hood for hair. Use orange felt, stuffing, and a wooden skewer to make Olaf's carrot nose. (By the way, did you know Frozen was almost a colossal failure?)

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Stick figure

Courtesy All For The Boys

Trace electrical tape on a plain white outfit for the body, use a paper plate for the face, and you have your own living stick figure.

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Courtesy Jane Can...

The horn and wings for this unicorn costume require some paint and glitter glue, but if you have a white shirt and pants, you're halfway done. Tie colorful fabric around your child's waist for the tail. For even more rainbow magic, paint strands of her hair with colored hair spray or use colorful extensions. This "unicorn" dip might get your kids to eat veggies more often.

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This Star Wars droid is made out of a Chinese paper lantern, a colander for the hat, and LOTS of white duct tape. Add BB-8's designs with a black permanent marker and orange duct tape. (Don't forget to teach your kiddo these Star Wars jokes before you go trick-or-treating.)

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Courtesy Really Risa

Turn your little one into an adorable sushi roll. Use fishy-looking fabric to make a pillow that you can tie on with black fabric (the seaweed in your sushi). Add pieces of a shower loofa or fabric for a wasabi and ginger headband. Before you head out, try one of these fun Halloween crafts for kids.

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Scuba diver

Courtesy Design Dazzle

Recycle empty soda bottles and turn them into an aquatic costume. Spray paint two 2 liter soda bottles and duct tape them to look like oxygen tanks. Glue them to a foam board and strap on with elastic bands. Add flippers and goggles, and you have an adventurous DIY scuba diver. Try one of these 50 tiny ways to encourage your kid each day.

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Courtesy NellieBellie

Rip a white bed sheet into strips (ripping makes it look more authentic than cutting) and wrap, wrap, wrap. To give them a dingy color, soak them in coffee water for an hour. Make sure your mummy is wearing white under his or her wrappings. (Here's how to master the mummy face paint, too!)

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