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22 Cheap Halloween Costumes for Kids Basically Anyone Can DIY

Create a costume your child won't ever forget (and stay within your budget!).

Courtesy Andrea's Notebook

Alfred Hitchcock's 'The Birds'

Even if your child hasn't seen the Hitchcock classic, this Melanie Daniels costume is too good to pass up. All you need are some fake crows, white gloves, and sunglasses, and your little star is fighting off bird attacks in Bodega Bay. These gifts are under $10!

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Courtesy Design Dazzle

Cat lady

Not only is this costume cute, but it'll keep your kid warm during a chilly night of trick or treating. Throw on a robe and grab some stuffed kittens for your cat lady to cuddle. Put rollers in her hair to complete the look. This is a great DIY costume you can probably make with things you have at home, and so are these great ideas for last-minute Halloween costumes.

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Courtesy Desert Chica

Prince Charming

Even though you probably won't find a Prince Charming in these fun, spooky Halloween books for kids, it still makes a great Halloween costume! Start with a white button down and red pants. Glue on gold buttons and trimming to make your little prince as dashing as can be.

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Courtesy Giggles Galore

Bubble bath

Carefully pin white and pink balloons to a white shirt and pants to turn your kid into a walking bubble bath. Don't forget to include a rubber duck for extra bath time fun.

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Courtesy Dukes&Duchesses


Let your child embrace his or her inner artiste with this creative outfit. To make the paintbrush hat, poke strong broom bristles into a styrofoam disc (use glue for added stability) and attach the disc to a crown of poster board. Color a giant paint palette, and let the paint master go to work.

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Courtesy Dukes&Duchesses

Flower pot

Cut leg holes into the bottom of a giant plastic tub, and glue fake flowers to the inside of your "pot." Use duct tape suspenders to hold the tub on your flower child.

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Courtesy All For The Boys

Charlie Brown

Good grief! This Charlie Brown outfit takes no time at all to make—simply put black duct tape on a yellow T-shirt—but it'll have all your neighbors wondering why they didn't think of it too. You can also cut Halloween costs with these Amazon costumes that are $25 or less.

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Courtesy Andy Simmons

Box of tissues

Turn a cardboard box into a decorative tissue box, like Reader's Digest's features editor Andy Simmons' daughter has done here. Just add wrapping paper and sheets of white tissue paper.

Courtesy The Sits Girls

Jelly beans

Fill a clear trash bag with small colored balloons for your jelly beans. Make sure not to fill the bag too much so your kid still has room to move around. Tape on a Jelly Belly logo, and your costume is good enough to eat!

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Cheap-Halloween-Costumes-for-Kids-Basically-Anyone-Can-DIY-via-stitched-by-crystalvia stitched by crystal

Little bandit

Outfit your trick-or-treater in black pants, black shoes, and a black-and-white striped shirt. Add a black hat and a black eye mask, and craft a "money bag" out of a burlap sack. The sack doubles as place for your child to stash her loot—of candy, that is. Check out these facts about Halloween goodies you never knew.

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