8 Fun Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with Kids

Get out your shovels, your seeds, and your soil—it's almost April 22.

Plant a tree

Fun-Ways-to-Celebrate-Earth-Day-with-KidsSunny studio/Shutterstock Since the first Earth Day in 1970, planting trees has been a traditional way of celebrating the holiday. Try planting one in your own backyard, or attending a local tree-planting event. In its lifetime, that single tree will absorb approximately one ton of carbon dioxide! Don't forget to share these weird facts about trees.

Spend the day without a car

Fun-Ways-to-Celebrate-Earth-Day-with-KidsPressmaster/Shutterstock Depending on where you live, this will take varying degrees of discipline. Nonetheless, challenge yourself to make your way through the day without hopping in the car. Walking, biking, or catching the bus will keep your carbon dioxide emissions down and show the kids there are other fun ways of traveling.

Plant native wildflowers

Fun-Ways-to-Celebrate-Earth-Day-with-KidsFamVeld/Shutterstock Planting flowers that are native to your community helps local wildlife populations thrive and ensures your additions will be happy and suited for their environment all year long. Discover native plants at plantnative.com, or visit the local nursery and ask around. The kids will love turning soil in the yard and planting seeds. If you're new to gardening, try these expert gardening tips for beginners.

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Create an Earth Day jar

Fun-Ways-to-Celebrate-Earth-Day-with-KidsAfrica Studio/Shutterstock To help you and the kids remember that every day can be Earth Day, create a jar full of environmentally focused activities, suggests, SheKnows. Cut up scraps of paper, write an activity on each—say a nature walk, a refresher course on recycling, or a cleanup day—and put the scraps in the jar. On the last Sunday of each month (or whichever day works best), pull out a scrap and do whatever it says.

Take a walk in nature

Fun-Ways-to-Celebrate-Earth-Day-with-Kidsvvvita/Shutterstock Perhaps the most obvious Earth Day activity is a nature walk. If your kids are up for it, take it up a notch with a scavenger hunt: Make a list of things you'd like to find and check them off as you stroll. If you don't feel like making a list, try a color search. Go through the colors of the rainbow (remember ROYGBIV: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) and try and find an object in that color on your walk. It also works as a meditation. Try these simple meditation tips for beginners.

Plant an egg carton garden

Fun-Ways-to-Celebrate-Earth-Day-with-KidsPetra Schueller/Shutterstock Show your kids how plants grow by planting an egg carton herb garden on Earth Day. Simply pour soil into each egg crate, create a hole with your finger, and drop a pinch of seeds into each hole. Place the crates by a window and remember to water them. You should see sprouts in a few days. In early May, move the sprouts outside, where they can continue to grow. These are the best herbs for a home garden.

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Play the clean-up game

Fun-Ways-to-Celebrate-Earth-Day-with-KidsPEPPERSMINT/Shutterstock When it comes to taking care of Earth, we all need to do our share. Take your kids to the local playground and give them each a pair of gloves and a small garbage bag. Task them with picking of scraps of trash as fast as they can—whoever fills up their bag first, wins. Once you get back home, enjoy these Earth Day movies

Attend a community event

Fun-Ways-to-Celebrate-Earth-Day-with-KidsMonkey Business Images/Shutterstock Show your kids it's not just Mom and Dad who care about Earth Day—tons of people in the community show up for local events as well! Check out your newspaper the week leading up to the holiday. We guarantee there will be some type of park cleanup, recycling demo, or tree-planting ceremony.
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