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13 Things Your Kid’s Sports Coach Is Secretly Thinking

These insider tips from high school coaches across the country are guaranteed to improve your game watching experience and give you a new appreciation for the tough world of high school sports.


As soon as a player I'm coaching starts to get good, the private schools come calling

They’ll promise him a full scholarship and all sorts of perks, and we lose players. That’s tough.


I hate it when kids say "I can't"

That drives me nuts. You can. Just try.

This is the one thing that boosts self-esteem in kids—and it's not praise.

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At the end of every season, I'm always ready to quit

Other coaches tell me the same thing. We’re just so sick of dealing with the drama, the practices, the time commitment, and everything else that comes with the season. But by the next year, our love of the sport and the kids always draws us back in.

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Originally Published in Reader's Digest