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13 of the World’s Biggest Dog Breeds

We're talking a whole lot a love here! Big, lovable, and adorable, these dogs tip the scales at 100-plus pounds!

Beautiful Bull mastiff Dog sitting on a sofaLCR Photography/Shutterstock

Bull Mastiff

The Bull Mastiff isn't quite as big as its cousin, but its robust, powerful 130-pound body is nothing to sneeze at. The Bull Mastiff is a top-notch protector of its family and a docile family companion. As a native of England, a Bull Mastiff's least favorite day, unsurprisingly, involves hanging around in the blistering sun. On those days, it would prefer air conditioning or the cool breezes of a front porch. Bull Mastiffs tend to be a little strong-willed, according to the AKC, so don't make these puppy training mistakes early on.

dogue de bordeaux on the beachotsphoto/Shutterstock

Dogues de Bordeaux

You can call the Dogues de Bordeaux by its moniker "Mastiff of Bordeaux," but you probably won't find this 110-pounder nosing around in the vineyards as its head, proportionately speaking, is the largest of the dog breeds. But you probably did spot a Dogues de Bordeaux if you saw the Tom Hanks movie, Turner and Hooch. Hooch lived up to the traits of the breed—slobbering drool, stubborn and sensitive, and still undeniably lovable. Getting a new pup soon? Check out these popular names for your new family member

Otterhound standing in field with paws on fenceLourdes Photography/Shutterstock


When you think of the biggest dog breeds, stocky and robust physiques often come to mind, but that's not always the case. The Otterhound is large, at about 115 pounds, and tall, about 27 inches at the shoulder. And speaking of shoulders, the Otterhound is the Michael Phelps of canine swimmers. It has strong shoulders and a broad chest, with webbed feet and a waterproof coat that can power through a day of swimming. Load up your pup and take a road trip to one of these dog-friendly beaches.

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