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14 Cat Health Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

Book an appointment with the vet if you notice any of these cat symptoms and abnormal behaviors

Scottish Fold. Portrait of a gray adult cat. Selective focusNataliia Budianska/Shutterstock


“Most neurologic things a human would have, a pet can have as well,” says Dr. Rossman. Especially if your cat isn’t an epileptic, you should be concerned if you see it roll back its eyes, lose consciousness, or lose control of its bowels. Put it in a padded area without getting your hands near its mouth, then call the vet ASAP, she says. Avoid these other 12 dangerous mistakes cat owners should never make.

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If your cat is suddenly and excessively drooling, that could be a sign of any number of health problems. Some issues that cause cat drool are dental disease, kidney failure, and cancer, among other others, according to Pet Health Network.

White cat with yellow eyes sitting near an empty bowl on a blue wooden backgroundEvgeniya Tomashevskaya/Shutterstock


A cat that has trouble going to the bathroom is likely dehydrated. Pet Health Network reports, however, that in some cases constipation in cats could stretch the colon, requiring surgery. Look out for these 15 signs your cat is secretly mad at you.

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Sudden weight loss

Beware of any cat symptoms that are a big, sudden change from the norm. For example, cats that suddenly drop a few pounds could have any of numerous health issues, including cancer, heart disease, kidney or liver problems, or diabetes, according to WebMD. Next, check out the 11 warning signs of cancer in cats that every owner should know.

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