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22 of the Best Halloween Costumes for Dogs

From the adorable to the hilarious, these canine costumes are sure to wow your Halloween party guests...or is it bow-wow them?

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Doggie dino

Your dog will be digging up fossils in this adorable stegosaurus dinosaur costume. It comes in all sizes and includes an easy strap on dino head and body costume. Let your dog carry around their favorite bone to add a little something to the costume. Before you buy that costume for your furry friend, make sure you know these tips from veterinarians about dressing up your dog.

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Model your dog after the classic Dinsey character with this Dumbo costume. Make sure to measure your dog before picking out a size so that they aren't stepping on their ears all night.

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Delivery dog

Help you dog deliver cuteness this Halloween with this USPS delivery driver dog costume. Their tail will be free for lots of wagging as they head out with you to trick or treat.

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You can't go wrong dressing up an already cute animal as another cute animal.

These remarkably un-cute creepy Halloween histories will shock you. 

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dog costume supermanvia

It's a's a's Super-Dog!

Your dog can save the world as Barker, Clark Kent's alter-ego. If you have more than one dog, turn your pet squad into the Justice League with Batman and Wonder Woman costumes as well!

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dog costume mohawkvia

Punky pup

All you need is a neon mohawk wig and spiky collar to bring out your dog's tough side. Here are 50 secrets your pet would tell you if he could.

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dog costume bad jail uniformvia

Bad dog

This criminal canine costume makes it good to be bad!

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dog costume rocker guitar ukelelevia

Rocker dog

Your pooch will make people do a double take (and then probably laugh) with this awesome costume.

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dog costume doctor dogtorvia

The dogtor is in

Feeling sick as a dog? Have no fear, the dogtor will see you now.

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pup-a-razzi dog costume cupcakes blue wigvia

Watch out for the paw-parazzi

No photos, please! Your dog will be the star of the show with this getup. Pair your dog's punny costume with a punny getup of your own, like our favorite pun-inspired costumes.

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