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8 Best Pet GPS Trackers

With nearly 6.5 million animals winding up in shelters every year, pet GPS trackers help ensure more beloved cats and dogs find their way home.

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The SIM card device


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Another option Askeland recommends is the Paw Tracker, which uses SIM card technology to connect to cell phone towers for tracking GPS coordinates. Askeland noted this option works with many cellular providers and attaches to the collar. But she also mentioned the "battery life is variable depending on preferences and monitoring level chosen," and that the Paw Tracker "does not include activity tracking." Still, she says "for the primary fear of a lost pet, I'd want the Paw Tracker based on specs and reviews." Paw Tracker does come with a monthly service fee for continued GPS tracking. Here's what your dog really wants from you.



The budget option


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If you're looking for a pet tracker that doesn't break the bank, the Tracki 2019 Model Mini Real-Time GPS Tracker comes in at under $30. This isn't solely a pet tracker but it is small enough that it could be clipped onto your pet's collar. It offers a battery life of three days if you're using continuous, one to five-minute real-time updates. If you don't require those real-time updates, the battery can last up to 30 days. The Tracki does require a monthly fee of between $9.95 and $19.95, depending on the features you'd like.


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The luxe edition


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If money is no object when it comes to keeping your pet safe, the Findster Duo+ Pet Tracker may be the gold standard tracker you're looking for. This tracking collar also serves as an activity monitor and provides tracking without any additional monthly fees—which means that in the long run, it may actually come in as cheaper than some of the other options available. Here's how to pick the best dog breed for you.



Best rated on Amazon


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If you're someone who relies on Amazon reviews to make your purchase choices, the PETFON Pet GPS Tracker may be the tracker of your dreams. It offers real-time tracking with no monthly fees, and is capable of tracking up to 3.5 miles. Reviewers say it gives a precise location and offers true real-time tracking. "It's completely water-resistant," one says, and "smaller than Whistle too."



The non-GPS option

$2.99 to $9.99 a month

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"While Huan is not a GPS tracker, we specifically designed it to avoid the most common pitfalls GPS trackers on the market today have," says Rom says of the Huan Pet Protection Network. "It is small, lightweight, and fits tiny dogs/cats, has a very long (up to a year) of battery life, and aims to provide GPS-level accuracy without using an actual GPS on your animal."

This app comes with stylish tags you can attach to your dog and a network of thousands ready to help you locate your pet if they ever go missing. Anyone of these pet GPS trackers would make a great gift for dog lovers.

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