Move Over, Rover: These Are Today’s Most Popular Dog Names

Pop-culture, politics, and personalities—want to know the hot topics Americans are most passionate about? Just ask what they name their dogs.

Leader of the pack

Move-Over-Rover--Here-are-the-Most-Popular-Dog-NamesDurd Yu/Shutterstock , Tatiana Ayazo/ Spot and Lassie may be cute dog names from the past, but today's breed reads more like screen credits from a chic Hollywood cast. Bella, Lucy, Daisy, Lola, and Luna are the top five girl dog names and Max, Charlie, Buddy, Cooper, and Jack lead the male category. "As the bond between people and their pets grows, we've seen a shift in how pets are named," says Brandie Gonzales, spokesperson and pet lifestyle expert. "The way we name them today reflects our personalities, cultural trends, and the things we're passionate about, from politics to celebrities." Here are the nine etiquette rules every dog owner must memorize.

Potter, Styles, or Dirty?

Move-Over-Rover--Here-are-the-Most-Popular-Dog-NamesDurd Yu/Shutterstock, Tatiana Ayazo/ The name, "Harry" is blinging more than ever on pooch collars. According to Rover, 53 percent of dog owners, including 75 percent of Millennials, have named their dog after a movie, TV, or book character or celebrity. Get inspired by these strongest female literary characters of all time.

Women rock and rule

Move-Over-Rover--Here-are-the-Most-Popular-Dog-NamesDurd Yu/Shutterstock, Tatiana Ayazo/ "Last year, names inspired by powerful women really took off, they climbed 13 percent," Gonzales says. "In a year filled with memorable moments of powerful women, we saw some notable names on the rise including Coco Chanel, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Tina Fey, and Eleanor Roosevelt."

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Puppies are like babies

Move-Over-Rover--Here-are-the-Most-Popular-Dog-NamesDurd Yu/Shutterstock, Tatiana Ayazo/ Six out of the top 10 popular names on the survey proves that dogs are more than a human's best friend. "Now 'pet owners' have begun to think of themselves as "pet parents," and they treat and name their pets more like children," says Gonzales. The names Bella, Lucy, Luna, Max, Charlie and Jack were all some of the top baby names of 2016.

Binge watching dominates

Move-Over-Rover--Here-are-the-Most-Popular-Dog-NamesDurd Yu/Shutterstock, Tatiana Ayazo/ From our fixation with Games of Thrones to This is Us, binge watchers are showing their loyalty to their favorite show by naming their canine after their favorite TV character. But just like the dramatic plots on those shows, there were some shocking twists with the survey. "Shows that rise to the top of pop culture usually are reflected in dog names so we were surprised to see last year that names from the hit show Empire were already on the decline," Gonzales says. "For example, Cookie and Hakeem were down nearly 16 percent from the year before." Find out the shows with strong female characters you should be watching now.

Junk food and booze are gaining paw-pularity

Move-Over-Rover--Here-are-the-Most-Popular-Dog-NamesDurd Yu/Shutterstock, Tatiana Ayazo/ The names Oreo, Sugar, and Guinness may offer some insight into America's appetite. "The health food craze has been really popular, so we didn't expect to see that names inspired by healthy foods would be down 17 percent On the other hand we were surprised the junk food names and alcohol-themed names were both on the rise," says Gonzales.

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And the Tony goes to...

Move-Over-Rover--Here-are-the-Most-Popular-Dog-NamesDurd Yu/Shutterstock, Tatiana Ayazo/ Anthony may not have made the list, but "Hamilton had a breakout year on the stage—and with pet parents. The name rose the most in Washington D.C. (96 percent), Boston (88 percent), New York (15 percent), and Philadelphia (35 percent), according to Gonzales.

State of affairs

Move-Over-Rover--Here-are-the-Most-Popular-Dog-NamesDurd Yu/Shutterstock, Tatiana Ayazo/ From the east coast to the west coast to middle America, found out what dog lovers are calling their pets is a shout out to their hometown. Chicago cheers for their favorite sports team with names including Wrigley, Sammy, and Maddux, (as in the field where the Cubs play and famed baseball players Sammy Sosa and Greg Maddux), but also embrace the comedy culture. Actor, Bill Murray's name rose to 28 percent in the home to improv company Second City.
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