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This Man Only Adopts “Unadoptable” Animals—And He Now Has 21 Pets

After the death of his beloved dog Wolfgang, Steve Greig started rescuing older dogs and giving them forever homes in their golden years.

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steve and wolfgangCourtesy Lauren Raphael Defilippo

How we treat animals should be how we treat people

Greig's touching experience with older animals has helped him value humanity even more. Whether he's looking at an overlooked and forgotten aging dog or a homeless person, there's a common thread: compassion. They deserve attention, conversation, and help. "You'll see a homeless person—[and] that's so easy to ignore. But if that was a homeless dog, I'd immediately love it, and so I'm trying to help myself make that connection with people, too," he explains. "People end up in bad circumstances beyond their control and that's the same thing that's happened to these dogs." He also says that animals, like people, become the best versions of themselves as they get older. There are a lot of misconceptions about people who are homeless, as this once-homeless man explains.

steve greig wolfang bookCourtesy Steve Greig

Now it's your turn

Greig's Instagram posts are certainly adorable and heartwarming, but there's more to it for him. He hopes that they inspire his followers to adopt a senior dog of their own. "If you're a bit unsure, I can say that of all the messages I get (and I get so many), I never had one person say that they wish they wouldn't have done it," he says. Instead, he gets message after message saying, "Oh, my gosh—that was the best two years of my life." If a future pet owner isn't ready to jump all in, he recommends investigating the many foster programs offered by shelters and rescues so you can hang out with an animal without the potential costs and responsibility associated with it at first. Ready to take the plunge? These 50 shelter dogs need homes before 2020.

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