What to Do if Your Pet is Overweight

Is Fluffy looking a little pudgy? Your pet may be overweight for the same reason the rest of America is. Bigger portions, more snacks in between meals, and less exercise. An extra pound or two on your small dog or cat may not seem like a lot, but it could be enough to create serious health issues, including back and joint pain, diabetes, and depression. Here are some ways to keep your pet in tip-top shape.

1. Don’t only do workouts with your pets on weekends. Spread out walks and runs over the course of the week as to not aggravate arthritis.

2 . Watch your dog for signs of fatigue while working out: extreme panting, dilated pupils, and ears back away from face.

3. Use portion control. The serving size on the bag of pet food is made for active, adult cats and dogs. Keep in mind, however, that cats can become extremely sick if not given enough food. If you are trying to help your cat lose weight, switch to a high-protein or low-carb food rather than restricting portions.

4. Watch out for high-calorie treats. You don’t need to give your dog a huge treat to make him sit — break off a small portion and save the rest for later.

More tips and specific workouts for your breed of dog.

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Source: Yahoo.com

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