13 Simple Ways to Give Thanks

We asked our Facebook followers to tell us the small ways in which they show their gratitude. Here's how they say thank you.

1. Send an actual note in the mail.
-- J.S., Mason, Ohio

2. Open my heart and respond with love, no matter what.
-- S.P., Tonawanda, New Jersey

3. Share what you have with others.
-- H.K., Findlay, Ohio

4. Praise what the person did to everyone so he or she looks good.
-- N.A., Chesapeake, Virginia.

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5. Pay it forward with a kind deed.
-- B.M., New Braunfels, Texas

6. A small but thoughtful gift, or even something as simple as fresh flowers, can make a person's day.
-- E.S., Birmingham, Alabama

7. Convey it on Facebook!
-- A.K., New Delhi, India

8. Actually mean it when you say it!
-- P. P., Mumbai, India

9. Let your actions speak loudly.
-- J.M., Youngstown, Ohio

10. Give a sincere thank-you, a genuine smile, and a heartfelt hug.
-- S.S., Key Largo, Florida

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11. Volunteer!
-- S.G., Marshall, Michigan

12. Make a donation to a worthy cause in the person's name.
-- A.N., Plano, Texas

13. Be kind to others and give a helping hand.
-- L.H., Cincinnati, Ohio

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