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17 Ridiculous Dating Etiquette Rules from the 1950s

Here’s a look back at some dos and don’ts that show why spending a Saturday night with your sweetheart during the '50s was the cat’s meow.

1940s coupleUnderwood Archives/UIG/Shutterstock

Have a watch

After meeting the parents before a date, guys were supposed to ask the girl’s parents when they wanted her back home. Having a working watch was the best way to make sure you didn't bring her back too late, especially if you wanted a second date. Find out 25 things that are considered dating deal breakers for women these days

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Don her coat

If you wanted to show your date how polite you were, you would help her put on her coat. It would be extra special if you offered her your coat when she didn’t have one.

John Douglas GreenCourtesy John Douglas Green/Reminisce Extra

Open the door

Real gentlemen open car doors for ladies. Really, men are supposed to open any door for their date and let them walk in first.

couple walkingFairchild Archive/Penske Media/Shutterstock

Curb it

Chivalry might not be considered dead if men still walked between their date and the curb of the sidewalk. Even if you weren’t born in the '50s, here are dating mistakes that anyone over 40 years old should avoid.

Harold TabbCourtesy Harold Tabb/Reminisce

Be loaded

With money, that is. OK, so maybe being rich wasn’t a dating rule in the '50s. However, men were expected to bring enough money along so that the woman didn’t have to pay for anything. This is what homecoming looked like in the 50s.

Charles RomeroCourtesy Charles Romero/Reminisce Extra

No kissing

On the first date at least!

Johanna YoungCourtesy Johanna Young/Reminisce

Bring the corsage

On prom night, you better not forget the corsage in the fridge! Now that would be embarrassing. You'll get a laugh out of these other 15 bad tips from old etiquette books.

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