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30 Things Only Sisters Understand

Who has the uncanny ability to both irritate and totally "get" you, often at the same time? Your sister, of course! Here are the things you'll definitely identify with if you have a sweet, sassy, and sometimes sinister sis.

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Younger sisters always wanted to tag along with their older sisters

For younger sisters, your older sib was the coolest, and you always wanted to come along with her and her friends (often much to her annoyance). You were like a little puppy dog, but unfortunately, your older sister probably wanted her own space—although she probably bestowed the privilege of letting you tag along once in a while.

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Plus now that you're older, her friends are your friends

Someone else who knows how cool your sister is?! As long as they're good enough for her, they've got an instant "in" when it comes to your friend list. Even if all of your friends are busy, your sister probably has a few who'd love to hang out. What can we say? Sisters share pretty much everything.

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You did things just to annoy her, for no particular reason

If you have a sister, especially if you were the older one, you know you bothered her for no reason whatsoever when you were young. Maybe it was sibling rivalry, or repressed anger that she took away your parents' undivided attention. "I remember once my older sister kept poking her finger in my face," one little sis says. "After repeatedly asking her to stop, which she ignored, I promptly chomped down on her finger! No wonder she called me 'alligator teeth.'" Not BFFs with your sis? It's never too late to have a good relationship with your sibling.

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And there's no one better at getting under her skin than you

Growing up together meant that you knew her pet peeves and fears better than anyone else, and only a sister is ruthless enough to use them to her advantage... all the time. Whether it's as payback for wrecking your favorite tee shirt, or just because you're bored, you can make her cringe in record time.

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You either had double the wardrobe...

Genetics often creates sisters who are around the same size, which means each other's closets are fair game. Although it was annoying to discover the top you really wanted to wear had already been swiped, it wasn't so bad, because you could just go browsing in her closet instead.

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...or you got yelled at for stretching her favorite sweater out

But hey. It's not your fault you've got longer arms! Just because she said her closet was off limits didn't mean you listened, right? Even if you were the exact same size, she always seemed to know when you'd worn something of hers. And if you were mysteriously hurt after an event like this...either way, no one was telling mom.

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Big sisters never let anyone hurt their littles

But, big sisters were the only ones allowed to tease their little ones. If anyone else bothered them, at school or on the playground, watch out! Older sisters may have been practicing for becoming mamma bears later in life. But you little sisters didn't hold back either when it came to sticking up for your big sis, no matter how small and scrappy you were—your fierce admiration for your older sib would lead you to rush to her defense.


You created your own in-home beauty parlor

You know you perfected your makeup technique on your sister. Whether it was bright red lipstick or blue nail polish, your mom's stash of cosmetics was never safe. Even if you looked like crazy clowns, you both thought each other's makeup came out great. When you got older, you taught your sister (or she taught you) to do your makeup for real. What a sweet bonding moment!

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She helped you with weird personal hygiene questions

And actually, the private stuff was where your sister could help out (or where you helped her out) the most. Older sisters experience all the changes of puberty first, so she was your go-to person when you really didn't want to talk to your parents about it. Instead, your big sister was a vast resource of info for all your "Is this normal?" questions. And older sisters had a sense of pride at being so knowledgeable and grown-up that their littles would come to them for advice. Here's more on what your birth order reveals about you.

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She weighs in on your fashion choices—even from afar

Your sisterly bonding over clothes has no doubt continued as adults. You just have to get your sister's opinion before any major event: a fancy night out, a job interview, a family photo session. Even if you're far away, thankfully there are text messages. You know you've sent your sister a selfie of an outfit taken in the mirror and asked her, "How do I look?" Needing her opinion doesn't even come close to the most bizarre ways your siblings affect you as a grown up.

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