10 Wedding Bouquets That Don’t Need Flowers to Be Gorgeous

Traditional flower bouquets are beautiful, but you have to toss them eventually. If you want a wedding bouquet that lasts a lifetime, choose one of these non-traditional creations.

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Shell bouquet

01-shell-Wedding-Bouquets-that-Don’t-Need-Flowers-to-Be-GorgeousCourtesy Savvy Deets Bridal

Whether you’re getting married on a beach or just love the thought of a romantic beach, this bouquet is perfect for fans of all things nautical. Get the DIY instructions here. (Ever wonder why seashells sound like the ocean?)

Feather bouquet

03-twigfeather-Wedding-Bouquets-that-Don’t-Need-Flowers-to-Be-GorgeousCourtesy Made U Look Photography via Green Wedding Shoes

Want to spice up a normal flower bouquet and make it last a lifetime? Go for a faux-flower and feather bouquet. You can choose the style and color that best compliments your theme for a long-lasting treasure that fills you with memories of your special day.

Twig and feather bouquet

02-feather-Wedding-Bouquets-that-Don’t-Need-Flowers-to-Be-GorgeousCourtesy Branch & Cole via Green Wedding Shoes

If you want to include feathers but do away with the thought of flowers altogether, try an arrangement of long feathers and twigs. Ostrich, quail, and peacock feathers are all popular choices. To prevent a sudden outbreak of bird flu, you may want to buy a ready-made bouquet rather than attempt to make your own.

Pearl bouquet

04-pearl-Wedding-Bouquets-that-Don’t-Need-Flowers-to-Be-GorgeousCourtesy Robert H. Conder via Uptown Girlzz on Etsy

Pearls make any occasion instantly classy, and they add even more elegance to an already classy wedding. They’re definitely not the cheapest bouquet (you’ll struggle to find one less than $100) but the memories will be priceless.

Wheat bouquet

05-wheat-Wedding-Bouquets-that-Don’t-Need-Flowers-to-Be-GorgeousCourtesy Mary Cyrus

Wheat bouquets were made for the country girl at heart, but you don’t need a country wedding to use one. They’re perfect for a festive fall wedding and will cost you less than $15 to put together.

Pinwheel bouquet

06-pinwheel-Wedding-Bouquets-that-Don’t-Need-Flowers-to-Be-GorgeousCourtesy Made U Look Photography Via Green Wedding Shoes

Every fun-loving couple needs a playful, whimsical wedding. What better way to channel that childlike sense of adventure than a bouquet of pinwheels?

Knob bouquet

07-knob-Wedding-Bouquets-that-Don’t-Need-Flowers-to-Be-GorgeousCourtesy Simply Bloom Photography via 100 Layer Cake

Like the brooch bouquet, knobs can be collected at thrift shops and antique stores, or they can be donated by friends and family. One from your grandma’s vanity table, one from your best friend’s college dresser, and you’ll have a vintage bouquet made from a lifetime of memories. (This is what thrift stores won't tell you.)

Book pages bouquet

08-book-Wedding-Bouquets-that-Don’t-Need-Flowers-to-Be-GorgeousCourtesy Jocelyn Coon of Jocelyn's Photography

Bookworm brides, this one’s for you. Trace a flower template over book pages, cut them out, and fold them to look like petals. Stick them through floral wire to make a stem, and combine the stems to make a bouquet. Make your paper flowers personal by choosing passages from your favorite books or literary scenes that remind you of your relationship with your hubby-to-be, like this bride did.

Cotton bouquet

09-cotton-Wedding-Bouquets-that-Don’t-Need-Flowers-to-Be-GorgeousCourtesy Sweet tea Photography via Southern Weddings

If you’re planning a classic Southern wedding, your bouquet needs cotton. This cotton pod and burlap combo brings Southern charm to your special day, in your hands and on your groom’s lapel. Whether or not you add cowboy boots to the wedding party is up to you.

Lavender bouquet

10-lavendar-Wedding-Bouquets-that-Don’t-Need-Flowers-to-Be-GorgeousCourtesy Lily Glass Photography

A bouquet of lavender sprigs may seem a bit simple for your big day, but it holds a lot of meaning. Lavender is associated with devotion, serenity, and grace—all aspects of a loving marriage. It’s also a sign of love at first sight, so if you knew you found your husband the moment you met him, lavender may be the bouquet for you. Can you match each flower to its meaning?

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