9 Outfit Disasters You Should NEVER Make at a Wedding

There's a fine line between looking your best and drawing too much attention away from the newlyweds.

Wearing all white

Outfit-Disasters-You-Should-NEVER-Make-at-a-WeddingDragon Images/shutterstock This should be a given, but wearing a full white dress is basically a slap in the face for a bride. It’s her special day, not yours. In fact, stay away from any shade of white: off-white, cream, eggshell, and the like. Who knew there were so many versions of one color?! By the way, here’s what your outfit color says about you.

Or all black

Outfit-Disasters-You-Should-NEVER-Make-at-a-Wedding IVASHstudio/shutterstock You’re not mourning the end of the bride and groom’s lives as single people. You’re celebrating their union as a happy couple. Dress accordingly. If you must wear black, add a pop of color with shoes, jewelry, or a cardigan.

Glitzing up your outfit

Outfit-Disasters-You-Should-NEVER-Make-at-a-WeddingDiana Indiana/shutterstock Glitter and sparkles automatically draw attention to yourself, and you don’t want be the center of attention at someone else’s wedding. Jewelry should be the only thing that adds shine to your outfit. Save the sparkly stuff for New Year’s Eve.

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Copying the bridesmaids

Outfit-Disasters-You-Should-NEVER-Make-at-a-Wedding Alex Andrei/shutterstock If you’re close with the couple or anyone in the wedding party, ask about the color scheme before the wedding. Otherwise, people will wonder why one bridesmaid got banished from the front of the ceremony to sit with the other guests.

Sticking to hoodies and sweatshirts

Outfit-Disasters-You-Should-NEVER-Make-at-a-WeddingAGLPhotography/shutterstock On the other end of the style spectrum, don’t show up looking like you just rolled out of bed. Whether it’s a black tie affair or an outdoor ceremony, weddings are formal events that require a decent amount of effort on the guests’ part. (Finally! Wedding dress codes, explained)

Sporting denim anything

Outfit-Disasters-You-Should-NEVER-Make-at-a-WeddingTarzhanova/shutterstock It’s easy to dress up dark skinny jeans for work or a night out, but denim is still too casual for a wedding. The same goes for denim jackets, skirts, and shirts. But when you DO wear jeans, these are the best ones for your body type.

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Showing your underwear

Outfit-Disasters-You-Should-NEVER-Make-at-a-WeddingShymanska Yunnona/shutterstock No, we’re not talking about flashing people (though that is also frowned upon in any situation). Some people dream about meeting a significant other at a wedding, so they dress to impress—but wearing anything too sexy is just inappropriate. That means no super plunging tops or outfits that sneak a peek of your bra. If you want to catch a certain someone’s eye, these things are scientifically proven to make you more attractive.

Slipping on the wrong shoes

Outfit-Disasters-You-Should-NEVER-Make-at-a-WeddingAmbientShoot/shutterstock The key here is making sure they’re appropriate for the right venue. Stilettos and beach wedding do not make a happy pair. No-gos for any type of wedding are tennis shoes, flip flops, and Crocs. (Find out how to clean every type of shoe in your closet.)


Outfit-Disasters-You-Should-NEVER-Make-at-a-WeddingClaudia K/shutterstock Guys, do not—we repeat—do not wear shorts to a wedding. Yes, even if it’s an outdoor wedding in the middle of July. Yes, short-sleeved shirts are just as bad. If you get hot, wait until you hit the dance floor and roll up your sleeves. These office style updates also work as guidelines for formal events like weddings.

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