23 Secrets Your Financial Adviser Won’t Tell You

Read these before you trust ANYONE with your money.

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Certified financial planners and NAPFA-registered financial advisers take a pledge


They take a pledge to put their clients' interests ahead of their own, but traditional stockbrokers aren't held to the same standard, even if they've given themselves the title “financial adviser.” Follow these 11 money habits everyone should know before turning 40 to keep your finances in check.

Do some digging

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Before you hand me the keys to your future, do some investigating. Use BrokerCheck at finra.org to see if I've been in trouble. Hopefully your financial advisor isn't guilty of using these 12 tricks con artists use to win your trust.

I work on commission


I typically make money whenever you buy a new product, and I've probably got monthly quotas to meet. That's why I always seem to call with something to purchase at the end of the month. (If automated phone calls are your issue, find out how to stop robocalls for good.)

I may have other incentives to get you to buy


If I sell to enough people, I could win a trip to the Caribbean, a new laptop, or a big bonus. (The guys behind the product may also have bought my dinner at Morton's last week and sponsored our corporate golf tournament.) Skip it and follow these 56 easy tips for saving money.

Look for other options


Before buying a mutual fund with a load, see if there is a better option. For every fund that has one of these sales charges, there's usually a similar one that doesn't. Steal these other 17 habits of people who are great at saving money.

Be careful with annuities


They pay me big commissions, but they're not a good fit for many clients. Instead, steal these tips on how to retire early from people who did.

Stear clear of back-out fees


Stay away from investments that have a fee to get back out. If you get married, get divorced, change jobs, or move, it can come back to bite you. Don't miss these 16 other money mistakes even financial experts make.

There have been ten recessions since 1953


I have no clue where the market is going, and neither does anyone else. So if someone promises a certain amount of growth, walk away. Instead, try these 4 habits that could make you a billionaire.

You're spending way too much

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But I'm not going to be the one to tell you to give up your cleaning lady or your fancy car—or me. Start by cutting out these 10 items you should never buy if you want a clutter-free home.

We can give discounts

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Some of us can give discounts, but you may not get one if you don't ask. If I say no, you can still use these 8 new ways to save money online shopping.

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