13 Things Your Mall Salesperson Won’t Tell You

We talked to the folks at your local malls to get the lowdown on sneaky, smart ways you can save money when shopping.

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If your cart is vibrating, proceed with caution


Some retailers are adding raised floor tiles and carpet to certain areas because they make you walk more slowly, giving you extra time to check out the goods. Studies show it can boost your spending by up to 8 percent. Check out these other 32 almost invisible ways stores trick you into spending more.

If you can, skip the shopping cart altogether, or at least carry a smaller basket


Studies show that you buy up to 40 percent more if we double the size of your cart, because you subconsciously want to fill it. Don't miss these other 50 supermarket tricks you always fall for.

When you find what you’re looking for, use a price-comparison app


Apps like Shop Savvy Barcode Scanner or RedLaser will tell you if the same item is cheaper somewhere else. You can also ask the salesperson to call you if the price drops. Try these other 17 tips from people who are great at saving money.

We often have better deals on weekdays


That’s when new merchandise comes, so we do markdowns then. Plus, store traffic is slow and we’re trying to bring people into the store. Here are 56 more almost effortless ways to save money.

Be wary of kiosks


If something catches your eye at a mall kiosk, you might want to look for a similar item elsewhere. Kiosks pay the highest rent per square foot, so chances are you’re not getting a bargain.

A big, bold price tag at the end of the aisle doesn’t mean that item is on sale


Despite what that eye-catching price implies, manufacturers pay for the privilege of being at the end of the aisle. (Here are 10 more ways to save money you hadn't thought of yet.)

We love when you bring your partner or friend to the mall


When you have company, you always buy more. (Watch out for these 12 signs you have a shopping addiction.)

Don’t be too surprised by poor customer service


Most retailers barely train their workers, pay them close to minimum wage, and ask them to do everything from cleaning toilets to unloading merchandise. The average length of employment: 90 days. (Over the phone, use this trick to get better customer service.)

We have a nickname for our register displays


They're called "impulse towers" for a reason. Avoid them. Use this 5-second trick to train your brain into spending less.

Clearance areas are designed to make you feel like you’re on a treasure hunt


There are some amazing buys. But we also know that after searching the racks for 20 minutes, you’ll likely decide something is a treasure even if it isn’t. (For a great find, use these 14 tricks for finding a gem at thrift stores.)

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