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30 Amazon Products with a Lifetime Warranty

Buy it once and you're set for life. Backed by hassle-free lifetime warranties, these products are built to stand the test of time.

Bonazza ALL IN ONE World Travel Plug Power Adaptervia

Bonazza ALL IN ONE World Travel Plug Power Adapter

This 2,000-watt capacity combo adapter and converter will power everything from your iPhone to your hair straightener, in electrical outlets the world over. Seriously, it fits electrical outlets in the most commonly visited countries, and that's upwards of 150 nations, from Brazil to Australia and Greece to Fiji. Don't forget these other travel essentials you'll need for your next trip.

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Beckworth & Co. SmartFold Picnic Basketvia

Beckworth & Co. SmartFold Picnic Basket

This insulated 32-liter capacity picnic basket holds it all, keeping perishables cool and hot foods (picnic fried chicken anyone?) fresh and warm. Made from Cationic Dyed Polyester, the durable basket can comfortably hold up to 44 pounds, with plenty of room for plates, utensils, drinking tumblers, and serveware. Reviewers love the removable metal frame for easy cleaning. When shopping online, don't miss the Amazon prime perks you probably don't know about.

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BAGAIL Golf Umbrellavia

BAGAIL Golf Umbrella

No more inside-out umbrellas! The vented double canopy design of this 62-inch golf umbrella is constructed to resist inversion, making it a sturdy choice in even the windiest conditions. The umbrella has been tested to withstand winds of up to 55 miles per hour, and is supported by a stainless-steel frame with fiberglass shaft and ribs. It also provides sun protection of up to SPF 50+. Use these Amazon hacks to save money while online shopping.

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GreenLunch Stainless Steel 3-in-1 Bento Lunch Boxvia

GreenLunch Stainless Steel 3-in-1 Bento Lunch Box

Made from top-grade stainless steel and roomy enough for your lunch (or your kid's), this 3-in-1 Bento Lunch Box can hold six cups of food (compared to four in typical lunch boxes). That's a whole lot of room for these elevated (and healthy!) lunch sandwich ideas. Reviewers love it for its durability, and for the three-quarter cup container within the set that's perfect for fruit, hummus, or thicker dipping sauces. These are the best deals for back to school on Amazon.

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Kota Japan Knife Sharpening Whetstonevia

Kota Japan Knife Sharpening Whetstone

This sharpening whetstone promises to make chopping even the toughest ingredients feel like "slicing butter." It comes with a non-slip bamboo base for safe sharpening and has both a 1,000-grit coarse side and a 6,000-grit polishing side that will never dull. These are the Amazon products with nearly perfect reviews.

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Genteele Sherpa Reversible Throw Blanketvia

Genteele Sherpa Reversible Throw Blanket

This generously sized throw blanket, double sided with microfiber cashmere velvet and ivory faux sheepskin, is anti-pill, wrinkle-free, and resistant to fading. It's also machine washable, so you'll actually want to keep it around for as long as possible. The blanket is a hit with reviewers, who especially love how it retains its soft, velvety feel after years of use.

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Kota Japan Granite Mortar & Pestlevia

Kota Japan Granite Mortar & Pestle

A simple mortar and pestle is the elegantly old-school way to grind dry goods like seeds and spices as well as wet ingredients—for chutneys, guacamole, and more. This set from Kota Japan, which can accommodate two cups of food, is made from non-porous granite that will probably outlive everything else in your kitchen. The light grey color makes it easy to see what you're grinding.

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Grill Beast Digital Meat Thermometervia

Grill Beast Digital Meat Thermometer

The Grill Beast digital meat thermometer shows your food's internal temperatures within four to six seconds and is thin and sharp enough to puncture any type or thickness of grill meat. The automatic shut-off function preserves battery life, ensuring this kitchen tool stays in your grilling arsenal for the duration. Grilling tools make great gifts, unlike these absurdly macho Father's Day gifts people actually buy.

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Goddess Long Sleeved Rash Guardvia

Goddess Long Sleeved Rash Guard

This rash guard not only provides SPF 50+ protection—enough to withstand all-day beach play without a trace of sunburn—but its ultralight fabric dries in ten minutes in the sun. Wear it over a bathing suit or sports bra to stay cool and burn-free every time you go to the beach, like for the rest of your life (thank you, lifetime warranty!). If you're a big online shopper, watch out for these online scams.

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FizzVac Champagne Openervia

FizzVac Champagne Opener

If you're intimidated by opening bottles of champagne, sparkling wine, and other bubbly drinks—for fear of corks a-flying—this champagne opener is for you. The cork-catching mechanism keeps wooden corks in place, and is actually super-easy to use. Check out these other weird and wonderful kitchen gadgets you'll wish you had.

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