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17 Little Travel Hacks to Make Your Cruise Easier

Make the most of your next cruise vacation with these cheap and easy tips.

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Cruise tip: Bring duct tape (it helps with everything!)

Duct tape can have a variety of helpful uses once you’re onboard. Use it to fix your broken suitcase, take lint off of a formal dress, or keep drawers from rolling open when the ship hits rough waters. Here are some more things you should always pack so that you're ready for anything.

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Cruise tip: Book a lower deck room to avoid nausea

Prevent seasickness by booking an inside room on the lower deck, preferably in the ship’s center (this is where it is most balanced). If you already feel nausea coming on, order a green apple and crackers from room service, as the fruit is said to be an extraordinary cure for seasickness. Other remedies for nausea include adding a bit of ginger to your meal or sitting on the deck and fixing your gaze on a point of the horizon. Here are some other techniques to keep yourself from getting sick on a cruise.

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Cruise tip: Shop around for travel insurance

Travel insurance is important, as it will provide coverage in the wake of unexpected inconveniences such as travel delays or lost luggage. However, the cruise line may offer coverage at a steeper rate then necessary. Get quotes from third-party companies like RoamRight and Global Alert to help save money.

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Cruise tip: Get the ship's app

Many cruise lines offer free apps that will help you make the most of your vacation with information about dining options, onboard account balances, port schedules, and a ship map. The apps will also have a messaging function, which will allow you to call and text others on the ship for a small fee. Here are some more tips for booking a cruise, straight from experts.

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Cruise tip: Use Scotchgard on your luggage

Invest in a can of Scotchgard before your trip and use the stain and water repellent on your suitcase before packing. This will keep both your suitcase and the belongings inside protected should inclement weather occur while luggage is being loaded or unloaded from the ship. Before you embark, make sure you know these travel secrets for a stress-free trip.

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Cruise tip: Bring stick-on labels to send postcards

When taking a cruise, you will likely be visiting many different places and may want to send postcards or small mementos to friends and family back home. Instead of dragging your bulky address book around with you for the duration of your trip, pre-address a few stick-on labels with your friends’ addresses to streamline the process and save space.

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Cruise tip: Pack magnets for a more organized room

Ship cabins can be small and clutter easily, and often don’t offer a lot of hanging options for towels and jackets. However, most cabin walls are metal, which means they’re also magnetic. Before you embark, head to your local hardware store and invest in a few magnet clips and hooks. This will allow you to hang extra wet bathing suits, and help you stay organized as you clip daily itineraries and other important documents to the wall. Remember, these are things you're better off not packing on your vacation.

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Cruise tip: Watch the bridge cam to prevent claustrophobia

If you’ve opted for an inside cabin without any windows, you may sometimes feel claustrophobic due to the lack of natural light. Should this occur, tune your cabin’s TV to the ship’s bridge cam, which will provide some nice natural light and serve as a low-maintenance nightlight when the sun goes down. Here are some more surprising amenities you never knew cruise ships had.

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Cruise tip: Pack a power strip

Most cabins are lacking in electronic outlets, which can be frustrating to the modern traveler needing to charge a whole slew of devices. To avoid this predicament, tuck a power strip in your suitcase to accommodate your various chargers. These Cyber Monday deals will help you save on travel costs!

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Cruise tip: Pack an extension cord

Additionally, outlets are often inconveniently located, which makes a small extension cord useful if you want to lounge in bed with your laptop.

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