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20 Money Saving Tips ShopRite Employees Won’t Tell You

From secret club savings to quadruple coupons to free nutritional advice from dietitians, here are the secrets ShopRite employees can't tell you but definitely wish you knew.

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Don't even think about shopping without joining the "Club"

Membership in ShopRite's Price Plus Club gives you access to instant cash discounts on hundreds of items throughout the store, as well as exclusive offers, points on every purchase, and even a free Thanksgiving turkey, according to smart shopping expert Trae Bodge of Plus, joining takes less than a minute online, and although the card gets mailed to you, you can start saving immediately just by entering your phone number at the checkout line, reveals Tom LaBell, a former ShopRite employee and current healthcare media influence manager at Marina Maher Communications.

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Check for digital coupons and store them on your Club card

Once you're a member of the Club, always check in at the ShopRite Digital Coupon Center before hitting the store so you don't miss out on deals, advises Nate Masterson, Marketing Manager for Maple Holistics. And for your convenience, the coupons can be digitally stored on your Club card, adds Julie Harrington, RD, Culinary Nutrition Consultant at RDelicious Kitchen. Don't miss these other frugal shopping tips to spend less money on groceries

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Check the circular for budget-challenging items

As with many grocery stores, you can learn what's on sale each week at ShopRite via the paper sales circular, but those deals are also available online. Get in the habit of checking the site regularly for items that might be out of your budget normally, advises Harrington. She stocks up on expensive items—like wild-caught salmon—when they turn up in the circular. Check out these important grocery shopping secrets everyone should know.

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Alternatively, try the Flipp app

If you're not a fan of combing through sales circulars and individual digital coupons, consider downloading the Flipp app, advises Bodge. Flipp not only digitizes circulars from many stores, including ShopRite, but also has a shareable shopping list function that helps you save as well, she explains. Here are some other grocery-shopping apps that will revolutionize your shopping habits.

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Always check the Wall of Values

If a non-refrigerated item you're looking doesn't happen to be in the sales circular or listed on Flipp, check your store's "Wall of Values" before assuming it's not on sale, advises Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst with DealNews. The Wall of Values is often somewhere in the front of the store, such as in or near the produce aisle.

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Keep your eye out for items in odd places

Just because you don't see a particular item you're looking for in the aisle where you usually find it, don't assume it's not in stock, Ramhold advises. Keep your eye out for the item at the ends of aisles (known as "endcaps") and in specialty aisles. One example: The pasta you're looking for might be in the international aisle instead of with the other kinds of pasta.

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Stack those coupons

Ramhold tells us that many ShopRite locations offer double coupons so that you can redeem one manufacturer's coupon multiple times. And according to ShopRite's coupon policy, you can redeem the same coupon up to four times per household! Just be sure not to fall for these supermarket tricks

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Save time, gas, and cash with Club-size offerings

ShopRite offers "Buy Bulk & Save" deals, such as eight pounds of chicken for $10—with no membership fee, thus eliminating the need for additional trips and memberships to Warehouse clubs. As with warehouse clubs, this works best when you're planning to use what you buy right away or have enough freezer space to store the extra, says Masterson. In addition, be sure to consider the cost per unit before deciding to buy in bulk, points out Natasha Rachel Smith, shopping expert at

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Don't miss manager's specials

Even when an item doesn't make it to the weekly circular, it might be subject to a "Manager's Special," Ramhold tells Reader's Digest. Keep room on your shopping list and flexibility in your meal plans to make use of these special savings, advises Materson.

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Go generic

Ever wonder how the ShopRite store brand foods compare to the branded foods? Budge tells us they're comparable in quality and a super way to save in all categories. Here are the healthiest foods you can find at the grocery store.

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