11 Ways to Save Money Eating Out, According to Restaurant Workers

Dining out doesn't have to mean shelling out.

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01_Early_Tips_For_Svaing_when_eating_outistock/YamkoDine early in the week

Restaurants often have deals on slow days, like Mondays through Wednesdays, to try and drive business. They’ll usually post those deals on their websites or social media pages, so head online before deciding when and where to eat. “It could save a patron tens (even hundreds!) of dollars to just take a quick browse,” says Sri Divel, operating partner of Salt Creek Grille. Check out more habits of people who are great at saving money.

02_Share_Tips_For_Svaing_when_eating_out_istock/shironosovShare the love

By sharing a few plates—big or small—with the rest of your table, everyone in your group can save money. “Make sure you have a variety of pastas, vegetables, and protein, and enjoy everything without overspending,” says Carla Gomes, owner of Antico Forno, Terramia Ristorante, and Cobblestone restaurants in Boston. Even though you’ll get to taste more dishes, you’ll actually end up spending less money. Find out the most polite way to split the bill.

03_Dessert_Tips_For_Svaing_when_eating_outistock/VitalinaPut down the dessert menu

No matter how tempting that chocolate mousse or an extra glass of wine sounds, resist and head home after the main course, suggests Jovani Scavarda, server and bartender at Co. in New York. “You’ll enjoy that ice cream you have in your freezer just as much as that overpriced dessert at the restaurant,” he says, “and you get to be in your pajamas watching your favorite show.” Plus, skipping dessert altogether could help you get over a weight-loss plateau.

04_Bar_Tips_For_Svaing_when_eating_outistock/RawpixelSit at the bar

Visit an upscale restaurant without breaking the bank by choosing a seat at the bar, where you might find a bar or small plates menu. You’ll get the same great food but for lower prices than you’d find in the dining room, says Irena Wigley, general manager at The Continental in Naples, Florida. Plus, sitting near the bartender could have its perks, says Scavarda. “If you strike up a conversation with the bartender and you two get along, you never know—there might be some complimentary bubbles in your future,” he says.

05_HappyHour_Tips_For_Svaing_when_eating_out_istock/tomorcaTake advantage of happy hour

Of course, you know that happy hour can mean big savings on drinks—but it doesn’t end there. “Most restaurants will offer smaller portions of available dinner items,” says Divel. You might not leave as stuffed as you would from a heaping portion, but it will be plenty of food for a light dinner.

06_Big_Tips_For_Svaing_when_eating_out_Go big, then go home

Restaurants have notoriously large servings, meaning you’ll often end up eating way more than you ever would at home. Instead of ordering teensy plates to avoid expensive food overload, embrace those massive portions. “Opt for one of the larger entrees that you know you won’t finish in one sitting, and wrap half to-go for another meal,” says Gomes.

07_Club_Tips_For_Svaing_when_eating_out_istock/VesnaandjicJoin the club

Join the loyalty clubs at your favorite restaurant for some insider deals. “For what it costs to sign up (an email address) there could be big savings here,” says Divel. You’ll usually get an instant reward as soon as you sign up, plus save money all year long. Find more effortless ways to be frugal.

08_MainMenu_Tips_For_Svaing_when_eating_outistock/gpointstudioThink outside the main course menu

Skip the expensive entrees and order a flatbread for yourself, or a few for the table. Flatbreads don’t deserve their reputation for being pricey, says Paul Turano, chef and owner of Cook restaurant in Newton, Massachusetts. “They are inexpensive, and guests can usually find a variety of flavor profiles to choose from,” he says. Check out other ways to save money by cutting back on food waste.

09_Professional_Tips_For_Svaing_when_eating_out_istock/_andresrAsk for a professional opinion

At upscale restaurants that have a sommelier, don’t be afraid to ask for help picking a great wine in your price range, says Wigley. “The sommelier may also be able to suggest wines from value regions that are a great quality but not as high-priced because their markets aren’t as well-known,” she says.

010_Cocktails_Tips_For_Svaing_when_eating_outistock/viennettaGo easy on cocktails

Cocktails are fun to sip when you’re out, but they’re also the most expensive drinks on the menu. Order a few per person, and you could easily spend $100 on drinks alone. Stick with beer, wine, and non-alcoholic drinks to keep your tab low. “If you can’t resist, limit yourself to one, and then stick to lower-priced beverages,” says Scavarda. Find out what your cocktail choice says about you.

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