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19 Sneaky Ways to Save Money on Everyday Objects

These little-known tricks and inexpensive money-saving products will put more cash in your pocket today.

Tube squeezersvia

Squeeze out the contents

The bar of the Squeeze Ease Tube Squeezers slides along the tube ensuring you get every last bit before you throw it away. Simply slide the bar over the bottom of the tube and advance it to squeeze out product. The best part is you get three re-usable Squeezers. Check out these 9 clever ways to make your go-to beauty supplies last longer.

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SoapstandleCourtesy Soapstandle

Raise your soap game

Keep your bar soap, and money, from melting away by keeping it dry between uses. SoapStandle stand extends the life of your bar soap by thirty percent according to the manufacturer. Simply stick the plastic stand on the soap using the attached plastic teeth. The stand elevates the soap, so the bar can dry faster and last longer. Don't miss more habits of good money-savers.

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smart funnelvia

Funnel your savings

Don't make a costly mess when transferring liquids from one container to another. Instead, use the clips on the Smart Funnel to securely attach the funnel to both the pouring and receiving containers. This allows the product to drain from one container to another without spilling a drop.

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Power stripvia

Save your energy

Did you know the average household has 20 "always-on" devices that, according to Cornell University, could be adding $200 to your annual energy bill? Often referred to as "phantom currents" or "vampire appliances" these devices, even when turned off, draw energy to stay ready in standby mode. The money-saving solution is the Smart Strip Energy Saving Surge Protector which turns off the device completely preventing it from pulling any power. Here are some more easy ways to save money without feeling the pinch.

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Reusable water bottlevia

Re-usable water bottles

Credit Donkey reports on average, Americans spend about $100 per person each year on bottled water. To save money, invest in a reusable water bottle you can re-fill at home instead of buying new bottles of water from the store every day.

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Water saving shower headvia

A water-saving shower head

You can save money on your next utility bill by trading your existing shower head for a water-efficient model. High Sierra's Low Flow Shower Head saves 25 percent more water over the average shower head which can save you hundreds on your annual water bill.

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Hair dryer isolated on whitePaPicasso/Shutterstock

Vacuum your hair dryer

Save yourself the cost of replacing a burnt-out hair dryer by simply vacuuming the collected dust from the back vent. A clogged vent makes the motor work harder which can cause it to burn out faster. Check out 10 creative ways to save money you haven't thought of before.

Animal cable bitesvia

Take a bite out of cables

Keep cords and cables from fraying with Animal Cable Bites. Stop replacing costly cables just because they start to wear at the plug-in point. These Cable Bites fit over the cord plug to help prevent expensive damage near the cords most vulnerable point.

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Dust plugs for iPhonevia

Dust plugs

Don't let dust be the reason you have to replace non-working, expensive, electronic devices. Instead, insert dust plugs into the ports and plug openings to prevent debris from building up. The delicate pins on the inside of the device need to be protected and that's what these little plugs are built to do. Next, find out more must-have items to save you money.

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