Six-Word Memoirs on Love and Heartbreak

Poetic, rueful, hilarious (or all three)—share these sentiments with someone you adore.

Excerpted from Six-Word Memoirs on Love & Heartbreak.

Short reflections on love and heartbreak.Clipart.comShort reflections on love and heartbreak.

Where he is, I am home.

—Julia Evans

In hindsight, I’d still choose you.

—Natana Gill

Love: eight pounds and six ounces.

—Kenny Clark

Much married, fourth time is charmed.

—Erica Jong

Wonder-filled, and never a dull torment.

—Diane Ackerman

Marriage, children, empty nest: Now what?

—Oliver House

Endurance is an expression of love.

—Lee Woodruff

Everyone’s crazy except you and me.

—Mark Frauenfelder

I’m your one that got away.

—Mary Elizabeth Williams

He e-mailed again, and I deleted.

—Molly Antopol

No, you can’t have the toaster.

—Diana Spechler

May I have the last dance?

—Robert Hass

He told me he was single.

—Esther Newberg

My heart is my strongest muscle.

—Shanna Katz

He’s Velcro, I’m Teflon…love endures!

—Kay Murcer

Her beautiful eyes…my guiding light!

—Bobby Murcer

My life’s accomplishments? Sanity, and you.

—Elizabeth Gilbert

What once were two, are one.

—George Saunders

What do you want for dinner?

—Drew Magary

Hired me. Fired me. Married me.

—Julie Klam

We belly laugh every single day.

—Michelle Ottey

Moved in. No ring. Moved out.

—Melissa Lafsky

Portland, she decided; I, the Bronx.

—Dominic Preziosi

I searched him on Google. Nothing.

—Cybele O’Brien

Love means lying about my weight.

—Ann Ingalls

Hearts never look both ways first.

—Tanya Jarrett

A kiss can write a secret.

—Annmarie Howell

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