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30 Slang Words We Love from 2019

This article was vetted by no less than eight Gen Zers and six Millenials.

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"OK, cool" is a common way to tell someone you understand and agree. However, texting and the Internet being what they are, that phrase was deemed too long to type out. OK was abbreviated to k and cool became kewl which then morphed into k. KK? Find out 16 more text abbreviations you really need to know by now.

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Fam is your family but more often these days "fam" refers to any close loved ones, including friends. "I gotchu fam" is a popular phrase which means "I got your back." Do you know the origins of these popular slang words?

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A cutesy way of saying someone looks good, hot, or fine. Not ready to refer to someone as a snack? Try one of these 52 little compliments guaranteed to make anyone smile.

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When something unexpected makes you feel a certain way or makes you think someone else is feeling a specific emotion. It can also be used as a way to say you relate to something. Need a serious mood boost? Start doing these 24 things happy people do every day.

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Bleach is a powerful cleaning solution so when you've seen one too many awful things, sometimes you need a little eyebleach—except instead of chemicals, you use pictures of puppies. You can try it right now! Check out these 50 funny animal pictures that are guaranteed eyebleach.

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Ship is short for relationship and when you "ship" someone you are not, as one might think, sending them in a FedEx box to China. Rather, when you "ship" people, it means you want them to be in a relationship. Note: Slang can vary by age, race, location and other factors, like these slang words only people from your state will understand.

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When is looking muscular not popular? But these days we just have different words for talking about it. Now when someone has been hitting the weights we say they look "swole" (short for swollen?), "jacked," or "ripped."

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Bougie is short for bourgeois, which refers to being materialistic or part of a wealthy social class or simply aspiring to be such. Bougie is often used tongue-in-cheek to mean something unnecessarily fancy or someone who thinks they're high-class but really aren't. This one could also count for vintage slang words that need to be brought back.

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When talking about future plans, "fixing to" has gotten smooshed into "finna." It means you're going to do something.

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Sorry, Atilla, "hun" is now a saccharine-sweet phrase sometimes used by women who are pretending to be overly friendly. It's so commonly used in multi-level marketing sales pitches that it's become shorthand for someone who shills essential oils, makeup, diet pills, or the like, in a fake, sleezy way.

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