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24 Tech Gifts Dad Really Wants for Father’s Day

We found the best tech gifts for Father's Day to impress dads of all ages and stages, and if you're really lucky, maybe he'll share.

Deep fryervia

Upgrade his kitchen technology

Welcome to the 21st Century, Dad. You'll find yourself immersed in every flavor and food texture you could ever desire, due mostly to this incredibly cool Ninja Foodi Cooker. It steams, air fries, crisps, pressure cooks, and even dehydrates all in one countertop gadget. If he's into tech gifts and delicious food, this is definitely what he wants for Father's Day.

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door lockvia

This will make him feel secure

Treat him to a Lockly Secure Pro with PIN Genie technology that features a unique randomized digital keypad every time the lock is approached. It's compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, allowing you to check the status of your door as well as lock and unlock using simply your voice. That means he can let the kids in, lock the door when things seem uncertain, or even let a friendly neighbor in to walk the dog in while he's at work. Did we mention it uses an advanced biometric 3D fingerprint sensor, too? The future is pretty cool.

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phone casevia

His phone will finally be able to keep up

If Dad is known to drop, break, and crack his phone pretty regularly, we're positive he needs a new Gear4 Platoon Case for his iPhone or Android smartphone. A Platoon case protects his phone from almost anything he can throw at it, or even if he throws the phone himself (hey, things happen). In fact, this phone case has been tested to withstand being dropped 20 feet, so you know it's sturdy and he can finally take his phone out for long runs with Fido.

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For the truest TV fans

He'll be ecstatic when he opens an AccuVoice 201 Sound Bar TV Speaker by ZVOX. This normal-looking TV speaker is equipped with some surreal technology that helps drown out background noise while amplifying the voices of the characters he loves most. No more subtitles necessary for those truly epic Game of Thrones scenes.

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Make him cooler...literally

Hot weather is around the corner, and we all know Dad hates wasting energy by running the air conditioning all day. Combine his love of all things technologically advanced and his deep appreciation for sensible spending with a new Lasko Wind Curve Tower Fan. It comes with a nifty remote control (another one to fight over, yay!) and takes up way less floor real estate than the old school one he's been using for decades.

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He's been thinking of this for years

What lives at the intersection of cool technology and keeping his family safe? Glad you asked, because it's this super cool Swann 4-Camera 8-Channel 1080p DVR Security System. He'll feel like a pro when he monitors every angle of his castle from his phone, and you'll love that he's channeling all that energy into something positive. Just think of all the excitement the neighborhood will have when he catches a local bear in your garbage on camera thanks to night vision and heat sensing.

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Give him balance

If he's always heading to the gym, counting his macros, and trying to fit in a few extra reps, he'll love a new Modern Movement M-Pad Balance Trainer. It combines the core and stability exercises he already loves with modern, tech-friendly features like a smartphone shelf so he can watch his favorite workout videos as he sweats. It also includes 13 training options and two games.

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His commute will be way more fun

Tell him to grab a helmet, because he's going to want to ride this Jetson Bolt Folding Electric Scooter with Twist Throttle everywhere. It's a great upgrade from the personal scooter he was kicking to work, the park, and around the neighborhood with the kids, and we're positive you'll see him smiling from ear to ear like one of the kids.

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Tooth Brush via

Smile at this useful tech

The Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 Electric Toothbrush is one of the tech gifts he never knew he needed, because it does all the normal things he'd expect a high-end toothbrush to do, but with the added bonus of syncing with his smartphone to help monitor how he's brushing and just how well he's maintaining the smile you love so much. There's even visual coaching to help reach his max smile potential.

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Nomad dads need this

If there's one thing he'll definitely pack for every long trip, flight, and adventure, it's definitely the Fuse Chicken Universal Travel Charger. It's an all-in-one world charger, power bank, and wireless charger all rolled into one pocket-friendly device. He'll love the 10W fast charge and adapters for the United States, European Union, United Kingdom, and Australia.

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