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9 Foods You Can Bring Through Airport Security—And 4 You Can’t

People are traveling all over the country right now! Let’s clear up the TSA rules for foods you can—and can’t—bring through airport security.

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MAYBE: Canned foods

We suggest leaving any canned items at home or packing them in your checked bag, even if they fall under the 3.4-ounce rule. Just to be on the safe side! These cans may require additional screening and may not be allowed through with you to your final destination. Bringing canned foods through security might be a toss up, but here are the things you definitely should never do at the airport

organic dry food for pets with raw meat and eggs on kitchen table background top view279photo Studio/Shutterstock

YES: Pet food

Furry friends traveling on board with you? Make sure you clear them with your airline first, and don’t forget to bring their food. If your pet food is dry or “moist,” it can exceed the 3-1-1 rule and go in your carry-on bag, but if you need to bring wet pet food, it has to follow the 3-1-1 rule when going in your carry-on. Learn the simple trick that lets you bring water through airport security.

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YES: Breast milk and formula

If you’re a new mom, baby formula and breast milk are allowed in reasonable quantities but may require additional inspection. If you have them in a bag or small cooler with ice packs, just make sure the ice packs are completely frozen when going through security. And use these secrets for speeding through airport security.

Club sandwich with chicken breast, bacon, tomato, cucumber and herbsTimolina/Shutterstock

YES: Sandwiches

Feed the family while you wait with a homemade sandwich, because PB&Js are cleared for takeoff! We’ve heard about people bringing a whole casserole through to the gate, but a classic sandwich is probably the best option. Just make sure it’s wrapped in plastic or in a bag. Head to the TSA’s website for a complete list of food items that you can and cannot bring on your upcoming trip. Plus, learn the foods you should never, ever buy at the airport.

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Originally Published on Taste of Home