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12 Things All-Inclusive Vacations Won’t Tell You

If you think that all-inclusive hotel seems like the deal of a lifetime, read the fine print—and the advice from these travel experts. There can be loads of hidden fees.

Stand up paddle group on the seaPavel1964/Shutterstock

Water sports and adventures cost a pretty penny, too

The resort might've lured you in with a brochure or website that showed guests water skiing, kitesurfing, or using ultra-cool stand-up paddle boards, but all those activities cost extra cash. "Just about everything beyond taking a nap on the beach or swimming on your own will cost extra," says Gary Randall, an adventure travel expert at the travel website Weekends Please. "Expect to pay $75 to $200 an hour for water sports—sometimes more, depending on if you'll need instruction." Check out our favorite summer vacation packages that really are worth the money.

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Don't expect too much local culture

If you're heading to an exotic island, a picturesque Mexican Riviera resort, or some other photogenic all-inclusive location, don't expect to get immersed in the local culture. "All-inclusives tend to keep vacationers on their own grounds," explains Gary Randall. "Once you realize how much extra you're paying for activities and tours, you'll be more likely to stay at the resort, which means you'll be missing out on a lot of the wonderful local culture and people you probably traveled for." Next, learn the travel mistakes that'll make your vacation way more stressful.

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