9 Jaw-Dropping Photos of the World’s Most Amazing Trees

Get inspired by Mother Nature with these stunning tree pictures from around the world. One look at them, and you'll want to book a trip ASAP.

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01-these-captivating-Images-of-Amazing-TreesDavid Soanes/Getty Images

A row of beech trees called Dark Hedges, located in County Antrim, Northern Ireland.

02-these-captivating-Images-of-Amazing-TreesOliver Konter/Getty Images

A Bosnian pine in northern Greece (named Adonis) is possibly Europe's oldest tree at 1075 years.

03-these-captivating-Images-of-Amazing-TreesM.M. Sweet/Getty Images

A rainbow eucalyptus in Hawaii, US.

04-these-captivating-Images-of-Amazing-TreesNick Brundle/Getty Images

Fall colors in a mixed forest near Skanderborg, Denmark.

05-these-captivating-Images-of-Amazing-TreesAndre Distel/Getty Images

A cherry-tree lined street in Bonn, Germany.

06-these-captivating-Images-of-Amazing-TreesDendenal81/Getty Images

Glorious jacaranda trees in South Africa.

07-these-captivating-Images-of-Amazing-TreesRhonda Gutenberg/Getty Images

Dragon blood trees in Yemen.

08-these-captivating-Images-of-Amazing-TreesMichael Marquand/ Getty Images

A Joshua Tree in California.

09-these-captivating-Images-of-Amazing-TreesPatrick Eoche/Getty Images

Baobab trees on the island of Madagascar off the coast of Africa, are left after the area was logged.

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