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20 Gifts for the Jet-Setter

Because travel is as much about the journey as the destination, the right accessories make a difference to the jet-setters on your gift list.

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 Best gifts for travelers

Travel—it conjures up thoughts of adventure for some, glamour and luxury for others, and peak experiences for all. So whether the travel-lover on your gift list is traversing the globe on business or for pleasure, their excursions will be made better, easier, and more fun with these best gifts for travelers. And because when it comes to travel getting there is half the pleasure, consider adding on one of these 15 short books to read on a plane for good measure.

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Splash-proof pouches


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There are never enough ways to compartmentalize your packing and stay organized while traveling—especially on your return trip home, when everything from wet bathing suits to liquid souvenirs needs safe storage. Ditch the plastic sandwich baggies and upgrade to a colorful Aloha Collection travel pouch (or two), which is designed to keep wet stuff separate from dry. Bonus: This zipper bag can double as a toiletries and makeup bag, luggage organizer, and beach bag thanks to its splash-proof material.


Smart carry-on suitcase


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There's nothing worse than landing in a foreign city and realizing you have no way to call Uber because your phone died while you were delayed before takeoff and unable to find a plug. If your suitcase is the Millennial Power Bank Spinner from Traveler's Choice, problems like this will be a thing of the past. If you remember to charge it up along with your phone the night before your flight—one of the 14 things smart travelers always do before a flight—you'll always have a charge in reserve.  The removable power bank will charge your devices on-the-go and a built-in TSA-regulation lock keeps your belongings secure.


Compact massager


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Long flights can wreak havoc on your body, causing stiffness, joint pain, sore muscles, and inflammation. The busy jet-setter may not have the time (or budget) for a proper post-flight massage, so give them the next-best thing. The Original Worm massaging roller combines the benefits of therapy balls with a foam roller to provide trigger point release therapy from the neck down to the bottom of your feet, which makes it a great gift for travelers.


Noise-canceling headphones


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Few things are more coveted by travelers than a quality pair of noise-canceling headphones—one of the 16 things never to forget when traveling overseas. Nothing beats getting to your destination feeling refreshed because you were able to cancel out the noise of crying babies, chatty seatmates, and flight attendants pitching credit cards. The Bose Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones 700 has 11 levels of noise canceling power so you can control your environment as needed, and four microphones that pick up and isolate your voice so you can still take calls, even in a noisy airport. Plus, it offers one-touch access to Google Assistant or Alexa, and 20 hours of battery life, which should get you most anywhere in the world on a single charge.

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Customizable sandals


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Do you know a traveler who packs six pairs of shoes for a three-day trip? Help lighten her load while keeping her shoe fetish alive with Cambiami customizable sandals. The patented design features snap-on straps that can easily be swapped for another color or design—there are more than 50 colorful, comfortable, and fashion-forward straps to choose from. The leather base sandal (they come in wedges, too) comes in tan, black, champagne, white, cork, and silver and features padding on the insoles for added comfort while sightseeing or running through airports.

convertible backpack via

Convertible backpack


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Wouldn't it be great if your backpack, which is ideal for moving swiftly and hands-free through airports, could magically transform into a tote for the rest of your trip? The Convertible Backpack Tote from Timbuk2 does exactly that, thanks to its stow-away-strap design. It can hold a 15-inch laptop in its padded sleeve, has internal organizational pockets made of neoprene that can stretch as needed, and is covered by a lifetime warranty.

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Travel safe


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One dilemma every traveler faces is where to store their valuables when they're in their hotel room and at the beach. Hint: Sneaky thieves can break into certain hotel safes, so it's best to have other options lined up. FlexSafe, a portable travel safe that locks onto lounge chairs, strollers, golf cards, closet rods, boat railings, and more will ensure you always have a safe place to store cell phones, wallets, passports, keys, and jewelry. It locks with a customizable three-digit combination lock and even has an RFID blocking layer, so criminals can't scan your passport or credit card info.


First-class carry-on


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For the first-class jet-setter, when only the finest luggage will do, look to Hook & Albert for innovative pieces, including this Black Garment Luggage Carry On. Part cabin luggage, part garment bag, and 100 percent luxury every step of the way, this bag's compression system helps keep everything neat and tidy. The garment-bag side ensures that clothes arrive wrinkle-free (it holds up to two suits and accommodates long dresses). And the leather accents and premium hardware give it an opulent look and feel. Now, check-in or carry-on? Discover the 12 times it's smarter to check your luggage.


bomber jacketvia

Multi-purpose jacket


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Sure, jackets are a great way to add a layer of warmth—but that's about all any conventional jacket with two front pockets is good for. If the traveler on your list is a techie, he or she will be thrilled with the Baubax bomber jacket 2.0, which boasts 25 features to ensure everything stays organized and readily available whether they're roaming the streets of Rome or settling into their plane seat. It comes with built-in neck pillow, travel footrest, eye mask, travel blanket, detachable gloves, battery-charger pocket, AirPod straps, drink-holder pocket, travel bottle, microfiber cloth (for cleaning your glasses), bottle opener, zipper pen/stylus, and 12 utility pockets to stash your tablet, phone, sunglasses and passport. Yes, 12.

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