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24 Breathtaking Photos of Antarctica, One of the Remote Regions in the World

One of the most remote parts of the world contains some of the most beautiful photos.

Descent into the abyssRod Strachan/Getty Images

The ice

Antarctica is the least densely populated continent and mostly covered in ice. Even though not many people visit Antarctica, there are still many stunning wonders to behold. From wildlife to scientific research, Antarctica is a place full of intrigue. Here are 20 of the most remote places on Earth.

The Natural Sculptures Of Antarctic IcebergsBarcroft/Getty Images

Antarctic icebergs

While Antarctica may be remote, that doesn't mean it's devoid of life. On the Western Antarctic Peninsula, a couple of Gentoo Penguins and Chinstrap Penguins have fun on an iceberg. Here are 7 penguin secrets that were hidden for a century.


The Collins glacier

Located on King George Island off the coast of Antarctica, the Collins glacier is a sad reminder of how climate change has impacted the environment. For the past decade, the glacier has retreated and melted away. Tourists tend to come to King George Island, the largest of the South Shetland Islands, as the first stop en route to the mainland of Antarctica.

The Natural Sculptures Of Antarctic IcebergsBarcroft/Getty Images

Icebergs and glaciers

Icebergs appear in a variety of shapes and forms, and this is iceberg floating before a glacier on the Western Antarctic Peninsula is no exception. These stunning sculptures are carved by freezing wind, cold temperatures, and water.

Antarctica: The White ContinentAnadolu Agency/Getty Images

An Adelie penguin

While Antarctica is called the land of ice, there are actually many green areas on the continent. Here, an Adelie penguin has a bit of fun on a rock at Yalour Island in Antarctica.

Antarctica: The White ContinentAnadolu Agency/Getty Images

Depth perception

It may take a few moments to fully grasp and recognize what's in an image. On a section covered in snow in Yalour Island in Antarctica, Adelie penguins stand in the foreground and in the background. Here are 11 real places that look like optical illusions.

Antarctica: The White ContinentAnadolu Agency/Getty Images

A seal's home

Antarctica is home to a variety of animals including seals, penguins, whales, and birds. Here, a Weddell seal is perfectly poised on the shore in Antarctica. Here are 9 true stories that prove animals feel the same emotions we do.


A tourist's visit

Before the pandemic, people were able to book tours and explore the most remote continent in the world. Here, tourists are exploring Orne Harbur in South Shetland Islands, Antarctica in fall 2019. Here's what it's really like to visit Antarctica.

Prince Albert Of Monaco Jouneys To The South PoleHandout/Getty Images

A royal's visit

It's not just tourists who visit Antarctica. On January 14, 2009, Prince Albert II of Monaco went with a team on a journey to the geographical South Pole in Antarctica. Here are 13 of the biggest mysteries surrounding the British royal family.

A Voyage to AntarcticaMichel Setboun/Getty Images

The Weddell Sea

You can imagine the sunset from your home, but it's hard to imagine the sunset in a remote part of the world. The Weddell Sea, according to Britannica, forms the southernmost tip of the Atlantic Ocean. Here are 13 fascinating facts about the world's oceans.

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