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50 of the Most Stunning Pictures of Fall Across America

These autumn photos will make you start craving apple cider and planning your pumpkin picking!

Hawaii golden shower treepilialoha/Shutterstock


Much like Florida, Hawaii doesn't come to mind when you think about pretty fall pictures. But the Golden Shower Tree that blooms in the late spring and early summer is about as close as it comes to fall foliage in Hawaii. Consider Hawaii an honorary member of these beaches that are better in the fall.

Harold Ogden/Courtesy Country Magazine


A clump of brilliant aspens dominates the landscape in the Sawtooth range of Idaho. —Harold Ogden, Tahlequah, Oklahoma. 

Brady Kesner/Courtesy Country Magazine


While spending some time with friends at their country home, this scene presented itself before dinner. Simple country living in a place like this soothes the soul. —Brady Kesner, Highland, Ilinois

Bill and Lynn Porter/Courtesy Country Magazine


We consider Bowling Green the door to southern Indiana. There the landscape changes from flat farmland to the rolling hills and winding roads, sending us back to simpler times. —Bill and Lynn Porter, Greendale, Wisconsin. Now that the weather's changing, check out these tips to transition your summer clothes into fall.

Jessie Stewart/Courtesy Country Magazine


A reflection of trees makes a peaceful illusion in Badger Lake at John F. Kennedy Memorial Park. —Jessie Stewart, Herman, Nebraska

Karen Soyland/Courtesy Country Magazine


A fall sunset in Kansas is hard to beat. My husband had just finished a fall cleanup in the pasture with his 1955 Ford 850 tractor and Dearborn blade. —Karen Soyland, Robinson, Kansas. Find out how to prepare your garden to survive the winter.

Elizabeth Cundiff/Courtesy Country Magazine


This pond and road is just a short four-wheeler ride from my home. Along the route, I sometimes encounter deer, squirrels, and wild turkeys. —Elizabeth Cundiff, Beattyville, Kentucky

THE BEAUTY OF THE FALL SWAMPJean Faucett/Shutterstock


Who knew that pretty fall pictures could include swamps? Natives from Louisiana do!

Marianne Isaacs/Courtesy Country Magazine


Lobster traps are stacked high in a quaint fishing village of the Bass Harbor. —Marianne Isaacs, Minden, Nevada

David Bezayiff/Courtesy Country Magazine


The last fall harvest of corn signals the change of seasons. —David Bezayiff, Sabillasville, Maryland. Check out these fun facts about the fall equinox.

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