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The Most Famous House in Every State

Come along on this virtual tour of the nation's most famous houses.

Helen Keller BirthplaceWayne James/Shutterstock

Alabama: Helen Keller's birthplace

"Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement," Helen Keller once said. The incredibly resilient educator, author, and activist for the rights of those living with physical challenges was born in Tuscumbia, Alabama in this sweet, country cottage.

Governors Mansion Renovation, Juneau, USABecky Bohrer/AP/Shutterstock

Alaska: Governor's Mansion

From looking at this gorgeous, 15,000 square foot house, you might not realize it's in Alaska. But that's where it is—Juneau to be exact. It's the Alaska Governor's Mansion. Built more than 100 years ago, it's a prime example of the neo-classical revival architectural style that was actually quite popular in Alaska in the first half of the 20th century.

SCOTTSDALE, AZ -23 FEB 2018- View of Taliesin West, the landmark winter home and school in the desert of famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright located in Scottsdale, Arizona.EQRoy/Shutterstock

Arizona: Taliesin West

Frank Lloyd Wright is one of history's most iconic architects. His winter home, Taliesin West, located in Scottsdale, was also the sight of his architectural school/training ground from 1937 until Wright's death at age 91 in 1959. It's still a major tourist attraction in the Phoenix area and is one of a number of Wright-designed Arizona-desert gems.

Johnny Cash Dyess Colony, Dyess, USADanny Johnston/AP/Shutterstock

Arkansas: Johnny Cash's boyhood home

The late, great country music star, Johnny Cash, was born into poverty in rural northeast Arkansas. His boyhood home was at Dyess Colony, a government collective built to pull Depression-era families out of poverty. This is where he began singing at the age of five as he picked cotton with his family.

Playboy Mansion, Los Angeles, USA - 11 May 2016Broadimage/Shutterstock

California: The Playboy Mansion

It was neck and neck between the Hearst Castle, the estate built by William Randolph Hearst along California's Central Coast, and Playboy Mansion, the late Hugh Hefner's residence and playhouse in L.A.'s Holmby Hills. But the infamous Grotto (the famous pool-in-a-cave that saw a great deal of debauchery in its day) gave the Playboy Mansion the edge.

Travel Trip Titanic Attractions, Denver, USAEd Andrieski/AP/Shutterstock

Colorado: Molly Brown's house

The Unsinkable Molly Brown survived her ride on the Titanic, but her Victorian mansion in Denver was about to go down for good (it was scheduled for demolition) when in 1970, the concerned citizens of Historic Denver, Inc. raised the money to restore the house to its former glory and develop a museum that tells the tale of the house, which was built 20 years before the Titanic set sail, and the woman who returned to it after the harrowing shipwreck.

Neiman Marcus reveal their 2013 fantasy Christmas gifts and experiences, Texas, America - 12 Nov 2013Neiman Marcus/Shutterstock

Connecticut: The Glass House

Philip Johnson designed this famous house, known as the "Glass House," located in New Canaan, Connecticut. Declared a national historic landmark in 1997, the Glass House is known for its minimalism, proportion, and the way it plays with transparency and reflection. It's available for tours, although not in the winter.

Delaware, AmericaJohn Greim/Shutterstock

Delaware: Nemours Estate

The Nemours Estate was owned and developed by Alfred I. duPont (1864 to 1935), a prominent member of one of Delaware's historically most prominent families. The 77-room mansion boasts the largest formal French gardens in North America, a garage housing a collection of vintage automobiles. and nearly 200 acres of scenic woodlands, meadows, and lawns.

Key West, Florida, USA - July 20, 2016: The Ernest Hemingway House with garden in Key West in FloridaJerome LABOUYRIE/Shutterstock

Florida: Ernest Hemingway House

This is the house where Ernest Hemingway lived in Key West, Florida and where he wrote A Farewell to Arms. Built in 1851, the house became one of Key West's first homes to have indoor plumbing. It's a national landmark now populated by descendants of Hemingway's famous many-toed cats. Check out Key West in the winter, when it's one of the least-crowded vacation destinations in the United States.

February 23, 2018. Birth Home of Martin Luther King, Jr. Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site and Preservation District. Atlanta, Georgia, USA.alisafarov/Shutterstock

Georgia: Birth home of Martin Luther King, Jr.

This house on Auburn Avenue in Atlanta is the birth home of Martin Luther King, Jr., one of the civil rights' movements most important leaders, and it's where King lived for the first 12 years of his life.

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