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Do you live in the Nicest Place in America?


KansasCountry/Courtesy Beth Morrison

“I took this picture in one of our grazing paddocks. In central Kansas, we are in a grueling drought with little that is green. This patch of wild sunflowers, a weed here, was the only thing that looked green. The cows have been eating the leaves and blossoms which is unusual. I loved the setting in the background behind the colorful blossoms. The sunset was reddish due to dust and smoke in the atmosphere. Even in the driest of times, sunflowers are colorful and tough plants.” — Beth Morrison. You may want to visit these super dreamy lavender farms around the country. 


KentuckyCountry/Courtesy Juanita Jones

“I love capturing reflections! I was on my way home from my cousin’s house and crossed a small bridge over the river in Glensboro, KY and noticed the sunset reflecting in the river. Luckily I had my camera with me to capture this beautiful sight.  After I got closer to home the sunset became brighter and I realized I should’ve stayed around just 15 minutes longer as I imagined it would have been even more beautiful.” — Juanita Jones


brilliant sunset reflecting in a lake through cypress trees in Louisianajaimie tuchman/Shutterstock

A brilliant sunset reflects in the wetland landscape of the Louisiana bayou.


MaineCountry/Courtesy Rachel Lovejoy

“A few years ago, I had the great privilege of moving to an apartment that overlooked a small body of fresh water in the southern Maine town of Lyman known as Wadleigh Pond. My landlady, who eventually became a friend, invited me on several boat rides the first summer I was there. It was then that I learned the best sunsets to be seen anywhere are those that are over a body of water with the presence of clouds. Without clouds, the setting sun’s light has nothing to bounce off of. And over a pond, such as this one, the sunset’s magnificent colors are reflected in the water. So, in essence, you see not one, but two sunsets—one a mirror image of the other. I no longer live there, but I continue to enjoy the beauty that I found there, including sunsets such as this one, through the many photos I took of that place. But even without them, the memory of my time there will remain forever with me.” — Rachel Lovejoy


A sailboat on the Chesapeake bay in Maryland at sunsetLone Wolf Photography/Shutterstock

In Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay, boats sail amid a spectacular sunset.


Nauset Lighthouse purple sunset in Cape Cod-MassachusettsMircea Costina/Shutterstock

Purple clouds distinguish this sunset scene at Nauset Lighthouse in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.


A Beautiful Sunset At The Grand Haven South Pierhead Lighthouse, Michigan, USADoug Lemke/Shutterstock

A lighthouse and pier in Grand Haven, Michigan, sets the scene in front of a beautiful sunset over Lake Michigan.


MinnesotaCountry/Courtesy Gwen Jones

“While visiting a friend in St. Paul, Minnesota this summer, we were treated to a spectacular show as the sun set, with front-row seats on my friend’s fourth-floor balcony. This photo is the fourth in a series of photos that depict the clouds backlit by the setting sun, and becoming progressively more and more red, until finally culminating in this fiery climax just before darkness descended. Good show with good friends—who could ask for more?” — Gwen Jones


Biloxi Pier at Sunsetgmeland/Shutterstock

This photo shows Mississippi’s Biloxi Pier extending into the Gulf of Mexico at sunset.


MissouriCountry/Courtesy Pat O'Neal

“We were visiting some friends in rural Missouri. This was the sunset scene across the road from their home.” — Pat O’Neal




Amazing spring sunset in the Nevada desert with cactus flowers, USA.Johnny Adolphson/Shutterstock

Cactus flowers help this springtime sunset shine in the Nevada desert. Don’t miss the most stunning desert escapes around the country

New Hampshire

New HampshireCountry/Courtesy Lydia Williams

“The gorgeous sunset on the hay wagon on Wagon Hill in Durham, NH was a beautiful eye catcher. In the winter, children sled down the hill. But this summer sight was so spectacular.” — Lydia Williams

New Jersey

New JerseyCountry/Courtesy Janet Klecz

“This is the vast salt marsh estuary that makes up a large part of the south Jersey topography. It teems with life; mammals, shellfish, and birds. Butterflies, lightning bugs, and frogs. Fish, turtles, and snakes. I captured this photo just between sunset and the rise of the transparent new sugar moon. It is a full briny smelling flood tide, with no breeze at all. This was a very tranquil moment. The entire marsh begins to sing, as unseen creatures awaken to compose new music in the moonlight.” — Janet Klecz

New Mexico

Late afternoon sun washing over the Red Rocks area in Northern New MexicoDean Fikar/Shutterstock

The Red Rocks area of northern New Mexico is home to some of the most marvelous sunsets in the state.

New York

Country/Courtesy Marisa Wiedl

“This photo was shot after a major rain storm this summer. The landscape can change very quickly in upstate New York as summer storms move in, but the good news is they end with lots of rainbows.” — Marisa Wiedl

North Carolina

North CarolinaCountry/Courtesy Heidi Saunders

“Last Friday night was really chilly and the sky was cloudy! So we decided to take a drive up the Blue Ridge Parkway to Water Rock Knob! Twenty minutes later and several degrees colder, the sun was slowly going down and providing a gorgeous show for all to see! Since my new telephoto lens had not come yet, I used my cell phone to capture a few shots! It was a truly perfect evening!” — Heidi Saunders

North Dakota

North DakotaCountry/ Courtesy Carmel Meier Hardison

“I chose this image because this is taken out in rural North Dakota, known for its wheat fields; it also is known for its beauty in sunflowers as well as its sunsets, and I had the opportunity to capture them both in this beautiful image.” — Carmel Meier Hardison


Beautiful sunset over the Maumee river in northwest Ohio.Michael Shake/Shutterstock

“Beautiful sunset over the Maumee River in northwest Ohio.”


OklahomaCountry/Courtesy Marshalene Wimer

“Rupturing skies above a little country church in Fairview, Oklahoma made me think of the day we have to look forward to when Jesus will come back in the clouds above to come and take His children to Heaven. What a sight and what a day that will be! This was taken on 10-04-16 above our little country town as a dry line was moving through.” — Marshalene Wimer. 


OregonCountry/Courtesy Liz Watkins

“On an evening bike ride, I noticed how beautiful the sky was as my daughter rode in front of me. We had to stop and breathe in the still air and capture the feeling in the last few minutes as the sun went down. These are the moments where I’m reminded to be thankful for the serenity of the great Oregon outdoors. It’s beautifully quiet yet intense, especially when you take the time to listen to the sunset.” — Liz Watkins


PennsylvaniaCountry/Courtesy Susan Grove

“Living in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania you have a front-row seat to history. Surrounded by the mountains, it is a beautiful place to visit at any time of the year. The last few years, fields of sorghum have been planted on parts of the battlefield, and they put on quite a show as they begin to acquire their rust-red fall color. On my way home from work one evening, I took a small detour so that I could capture one of the fields with the backdrop of the beautiful orange sunset behind the mountains.” — Susan Grove. Don’t miss some of America’s most stunning hiking trails to see more beautiful sunsets. 

Rhode Island

Castle Hill Lighthouse after sunsetP Meybruck/Shutterstock

The Castle Hill Lighthouse stands in Newport, Rhode Island, to greet ships headed for Providence by way of Narragansett Bay. 

South Carolina

South CarolinaCountry/Courtesy Mary Fosnow

“I have always enjoyed stepping outside with my camera around sunset. It’s my favorite time of day. The last moments are sunlight are magical to me. I have witnessed many breathtaking sunsets, with vivid shades of red and orange. But this particular evening, I was stopped in my tracks by the masterpiece in the sky. I was mesmerized by the brilliant hues, all uniting and blending in a perfect display. I live in South Carolina, a beautiful state. I savor the scenery around me as I go about my day. But that evening, I felt especially grateful and lucky to have witnessed such a splendid scene.” — Mary Fosnow

South Dakota


TennesesseCountry/Courtesy Raymond Gobernatz

“Beautiful sunsets on Reelfoot Lake in West Tennessee are unbelievable. Wildlife is abundant. The color these sunsets provide are fantastic.” — Raymond Gobernatz



Country/Courtesy Katherine Plessner

“On a visit to Bryce National Park on a spring day, it was almost a blizzard when we got there. The sun came out late in the day for some beautiful evening colors.” — Katherine Plessner. Don’t miss these stunning photos of national parks covered in snow


Sunset and Cruise in Lake Champlain, Burlington, Vermont, USAjiawangkun/Shutterstock

Boats bask in the golden sunset on Lake Champlain near Burlington, Vermont. 


West Virginia

Setting sun behind the girders of the high arched New River Gorge bridge in West VirginiaSteve Heap/Shutterstock

The sun sets over the mountains of West Virginia, illuminating the New River Bridge.


WisconsinCountry/Courtesy Gini Waltz

“I could hardly get my camera fast enough when I saw the brilliant sunset over Deer Lake in northern Wisconsin where we have a cabin. I knew that the changing colors in the sky would soon be fading, so I hurried to capture its beauty from several different angles. At the same time as the sun was setting, my husband Jim was casting his fishing line out to try to bring in a bass or walleye. I like the way the silhouettes look against the setting sun.” — Gini Waltz


Snake River Overlook at Grand Teton National Park near Jackson, WyomingNagel Photography/Shutterstock

Clouds over Grand Teton National Park highlight the colors given off by the setting sun. Next, be sure to check out these gorgeous photos of national parks in full bloom.

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