A Trip to Europe Will Only Cost You $99 If You Use This Airline

Snag the deal while you can!


The first truly successful and revolutionary rebranding campaign was allegedly conducted by the Vikings while they were exploring the Northern Atlantic. Iceland was green and Greenland was icy, but the names would be switched so that the land of nicer climes could be kept for the Norse. Classic Vikings, getting into mischief.

As it turns out, this anecdote is false. This may shatter plenty of previously held notions about how the universe works, but the logic behind it checks out; Greenland tends to be on the icy side, and Iceland tends to be on the green side. So, if you can get over this earth-shattering debunking, treat yourself to a nice trip to Iceland, the smaller, nicer of the two islands (where they build roads around elves) for less than a hundred bucks.

According to LifeHacker, WOW Airlines is now offering flights starting at $99.99 one way to Reykjavik from seven different U.S. cities. And if you’re living in Boston, you’re even luckier; for the same $99.99 budget, you can go a little further, making it to mainland Europe with flights to Warsaw and Brussels.  Bump your round trip budget up to $300, you could manage a quick trip to London, Paris, or Amsterdam.

The trip itself will likely be pretty threadbare, as you’ll only have a baggage allowance for a backpack; anything extra will set you back $40. To avoid the extra cost, Business Insider recommends bundling up and packing your own meal for the flight. Sure, this sounds like a no-frills vacation, but how often do flight deals like these roll around? 

So if you have the extra money to spare, score a flight while you can. (Unless your name is Curt. If it is, you’re automatically breaking the law in Iceland.)

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