Avoid Muscle Aches: Stretch at Your Desk

Avoid Muscle Aches: Stretch at Your Desk© iStockphoto/Thinkstock

You know the drill: you’ve been sitting at your desk all day at work, hunched over your keyboard and staring straight ahead at your monitor. Even if your work station is set up with flawless ergonomics, sitting for long stretches is going to make you stiff and uncomfortable. Sure, it’d be great if you could skip out and make that lunchtime yoga class to de-stress, decompress, and charge yourself up for the second half of your workday, but that’s not going to happen every day, now is it?

Luckily there are other ways to keep yourself limber and stave off muscle pain without having to leave the office—or even your desk chair. RealSimple.com features a short video with six stretches to loosen up your neck, shoulders, back, feet, and more. And what’s great about these exercises is that they’re all designed to be done while seated–and each one takes about 10 seconds.

Should your aching muscles need a more drastic intervention, check out Ladies Home Journal‘s series of 10 stretches in the article Yoga at Your Desk. Yes, some of these will require you to stand up, but once your coworkers see how spritely you are after completing the series of 10 poses, they’ll put away their quizzical looks and probably ask you to show them the routine.

Sources: RealSimple.com, lhj.com

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