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Dramatic Before-and-After Photos of How Presidents Have Aged in Office

Leading the United States of America is an incredibly large job—so much so that the impact of being president really shows physically on these men once their term is over.

Carter And Inventor 1977, Washington, USABob Daugherty/Shutterstock

Jimmy Carter, 1977

The 39th president, Jimmy Carter, shows the crowd a valve invented by Lawrence Gurick (left) used on Navy ships. Gurick was awarded $25,000 by President Carter for his efforts in the Federal Incentive Awards program.

Rhein-main Air Base, West Germany, January 1981 - The 52 Freed Hostages, After Their Release From Iran, And Former Vice-president Walter Mondale Listen As Former President Jimmy Carter Speaks To A CrowdNara Archives/Shutterstock

Jimmy Carter, 1981

After serving one term as president, Carter gives a speech at an Air Base in Germany in 1981. If these photos were shocking, you'd love these mind-blowing White House facts you probably missed in history class.

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