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This Is Your Biggest Career Strength, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Not sure of your career path? Not confident in your professional skills? You might want to take a hint from your astrological reading.

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Adaptable Aquarius (January 20–February 18)

Pick a card, any card! An Aquarius can handle anything thrown their way. This sign is the jack-of-all-trades. "They excel in all professions once their confidence and life experience teach them of their own power and possibility," Dr. Perrakis shares. "Reflective and detail-oriented, they also appreciate an ethic of service and community development in their jobs. Though they can excel at nearly anything they put their mind to, an Aquarius feels most fulfilled when performing humanitarian work. Fighting for social equality and women's rights, for example, is a terrific life path for an Aquarius. Famous Aquarius: Susan B. Anthony.

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Imaginative Pisces (February 19–March 20)

"Pisces is the keeper of the imagination of the zodiac," Dr. Perrakis concludes. "It is the 'child' archetype of the zodiac. Pisces never loses its wonder [or] its ability to believe." Pisces can make wonderful artists as well as teachers, counselors, psychics, and astrologers! Because Pisces is so sensitive, creative and childlike, it definitely won't surprise you that the most famous children's author was one. Famous Pisces: Dr. Seuss. Next, find out the 14 everyday habits that may be derailing your career.

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